Executive Interviews:
Conversations with Leading Companies

COPC Inc. works with companies throughout the world to improve their call centers and other customer experience (CX) operations. It is valuable to hear directly from clients, in their own words, about their customer experience improvement journey.

Here you will find conversations with leading companies about managing the customer experience. Read about challenges specific to their industry, learn how they worked with COPC Inc. and the benefits they gained from implementing the COPC® Family of Standards and best practices in their (CX) operations.

Desjardins Group Interview     Learn from Senior Director at Desjardins Group about how certification to the COPC CSP Standard for the last ten years has helped the company maintain high levels of performance in client satisfaction, productivity and sales.

Datacom Connect Interview     Learn from the Managing Director for Datacom Connect about how they have developed processes and a culture for managing high-performing contact centers through a disciplined and data-driven approach.

Avant Mutual Group Interview     COPC Inc. talks with the head of member services about developing quality and customer satisfaction management processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction in their call center in Sydney.

Fullerton Healthcare Interview     COPC Inc. talks with the executive vice president of operations for Fullerton Healthcare in Singapore about how they drive continuous improvement and innovation in their call centers and back-office operations.

True Corporation Interview     Read our conversation with the chief customer service officer at this leading telecom company in Thailand and learn how they manage the end-to-end customer experience.

We will be posting more interviews here, so come back to read the latest.