Don’t Just Monitor Performance, Improve It.

RevealCX™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) quality monitoring solution that transforms your quality program to immediately uncover root causes of issues impacting performance. By using RevealCX, you will improve the customer experience, sales performance, and the cost of your customer experience (CX) operations.
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Your quality program will become a valuable resource to other parts of the organization by providing vital business insights typically not captured through a monitoring program.

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The RevealCX quality monitoring solution was developed by COPC Inc.  based on our proven approach and best practices to quality management.  This solution incorporates more than 20 years of our quality monitoring experience and executive-level quality program development.

Quality Reimagined.

— Align quality results with customer satisfaction (CSAT) and other business measures.
— Use quality data as a predictor of CSAT, allowing for a proactive approach to addressing issues.
— Capture root cause of errors, giving operations and the business actionable data to improve performance.
— Become a trusted advisor to the entire organization by providing valuable business intelligence.
— Deliver an accurate view of performance with the right metrics.
— Empower the quality team through a software design that enables efficient and effective management of the entire quality process.


Accurately Measure Performance

Measure three metrics instead of one overall score, giving you a more accurate view of the performance of your customer experience operations. 


Quickly Identify Root Cause

Quickly identify detailed root causes of issues impacting performance with on-screen, drill-down reporting.


Capture Business Intelligence

Capture and report valuable business insights that can be used by all parts of the organization to improve products, services, marketing and processes.


Manage and Measure Calibration

Manage the entire calibration process and measure the accuracy of those evaluating transactions.

Measure the scoring accuracy at the transaction level for each evaluator compared to a Gauge.  

Measure overall session accuracy at all levels – for each evaluator, transaction, and attribute. 


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Are You Frustrated With Your Quality Program?

— Are you monitoring transactions but not seeing improvements in the customer experience, sales, cost or compliance?

— Are your quality scores high, but customer satisfaction results are low?  

— Could you “turn off” your quality program with little impact to the business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need RevealCX. 


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