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COPC Inc. Celebrates the 5,000th Student to Complete Training in EMEA

COPC Inc. Celebrates the 5,000<sup>th</sup> Student to Complete Training in EMEA thumbnail Image

Written By:

Kevin Campbell

July 8, 2021

COPC Inc. continues to deliver value to contact centers and customer experience industries by maintaining strong programs that give our customers actionable training, resulting in higher CSAT scores and reduced costs within their operations.

The EMEA region of COPC Inc., recently graduated its 5,000th student, Marc Birker. Marc is a Process Manager of Transformation & Continuous Process Improvement GEE at Majorel in Gütersloh, Germany. He became a Certified COPC CX Implementation Leader in May, upon graduating from the  COPC® Best Practices for Customer Experience Operations training.

“It has been an excellent training experience. This is due to the outstanding competence of the instructors. Their experience as consultants is significant and offers the participants the chance to get a thorough insight on processes and metrics to provide customers with the service they expect,” said Birker. 

Our flagship course, COPC Best Practices for Customer Experience Operations (BPCX), has been attended by thousands of leaders worldwide. This in-depth certification class is developed around the guidelines and contact center best practices set forth within the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard. The COPC CX Standard is a performance management system used to measure and improve operations that support the customer experience.

“My personal output is a comprehensive overview of actual performance management for contact centers. I am skilled to understand the key terminology, processes, and relationships that are specific to customer experience operations. It offers our company the chance to improve our daily work, increase revenue and reduce costs of providing excellent services,” said Birker.

During this course, instructors provide best-practice knowledge across Leadership and Planning, Processes, People and Performance. Instructors place a focus on how to implement the proven approach of the COPC CX Standard in participants’ organizations. The course aims to provide best practice knowledge to help our clients’ CX operations meet or exceed high-performance goals. Participants will learn how to best manage a high-performing, world-class contact center and customer experience operation, increasing customer satisfaction and improving financial performance.

Our course structure includes lectures, scenarios, breakout sessions, readouts from the breakout groups, a quiz and a final exam. Students participate in group activities, which include breakout sessions and case work.

“Kevin [Campbell] showed remarkable skills as a webinar trainer and steered the dynamic of the group very well,” stated Birker.

Course facilitators and trainers – including Kevin Campbell, Managing Director of the EMEA Region – average 20 years of practical experience running CX and contact center operations. Our classes give students the tools and knowledge to improve service, quality, revenue, CX and profitability in contact centers.

BPCX is designed for, but is not limited to, Site Leads, Operations Managers, Quality Managers, Implementation and Change Managers, Service Desk Managers and Customer Experience Directors/Managers. All attendees that pass an exam at the end of the course will graduate as Certified COPC CX Implementation Leaders.

At COPC Inc., we offer an extensive global training portfolio, focusing on contact center, CX management and digital assisted CX best practices in addition to data analytics and Lean Six Sigma principles. Classes are available online, in-person and live virtually in five languages.