DESCRIPTION: COPC's Quality: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them can be taken as part of the COPC® Management Series Online Training and teaches the common pitfalls that occur in contact centers and how to prevent them in daily activities. Course is approximately two hours and does not involve an exam.

Can be taken as part of the COPC® Management Series Online Training. All too often companies invest heavily in time, resources and systems on quality programs for their contact centers, but see little or no impact on customer satisfaction, sales, costs, efficiency or compliance. This program identifies seven common quality pitfalls that may be holding your company back. Training encompasses the key approaches to quality in a contact center, including strategy, monitoring, and sampling.  You will learn how to identify and correct the typical pitfalls and start achieving a significant return on investment in your contact center quality program. Participants Will Learn:
  • Quality vs. Transaction Monitoring
  • Critical and noncritical defects
  • Customer-affecting critical errors
  • Business-affecting critical errors
  • Compliance critical errors
  • COPC high performing accuracy benchmarks
  • Statistical validity and sample size
  • Process level improvement
  • Agent level improvement
Class Logistics:
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours
  • Knowledge Checkpoints
  • No Exam
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