Understand Our Services for Customer Experience Operations

Whether you are a long-term client or new to COPC Inc., we can design a performance improvement solution to solve any operational issue affecting the customer experience.

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  • RevealCX

    RevealCX is a SaaS quality monitoring solution that transforms your quality program to uncover root causes of performance issues.

  • COPC Inc. Indirect Procurement Standard and Certification

    A performance management system for indirect procurement operations.

  • COPC Inc. Customer Experience (CX) Services

    A comprehensive review of COPC Inc. services focused on helping companies create customer advocates and successful operations.

  • COPC Contract Review

    A summary of how a COPC Contract Review can ensure companies have contracts with suppliers that ensure high levels of service at the appropriate price.

  • COPC Inc. Healthcare Exchange Services

    An overview of COPC Inc. services specifically for organizations and government agencies that are setting up healthcare exchanges and need assistance with their contact centers.

  • Benchmark Review - Forecasting, Staffing, and Scheduling

    An overview of how a benchmark review would be conducted for forecasting, staffing, and scheduling

  • Benchmark Review - Quality

    An overview of how a benchmark review would be conducted specifically for the quality process.

  • Benchmark Review - Recruiting, Hiring, and Training

    An overview of how a benchmark review would be conducted for the areas of recruiting, hiring, and training

  • Certification Services

    An overview of the COPC Inc. certification process

  • COPC Inc. Benchmark Review

    An overview of our work to assess your customer operations, including features and benefits of this service.

  • Strategic Sourcing for VMOs

    A detailed review of consulting services to help vendor management organizations with all sourcing activities for any type of customer contact operation.

  • Performance Improvement Services for Customer Operations

    An overview of COPC Inc.'s performance improvement consulting services.

  • COPC Inc. Services

    An overall description of the services COPC Inc. offers - consulting, training, and certification.

  • COPC Inc. Services for Retail

    An overview of COPC Inc. customer experience services for the retail industry.

  • COPC Inc. Services for Travel

    An overview of COPC Inc. customer experience services for the travel industry.


  • Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers - Yellow Belt Training

    An overview of the Lean Six Sigma class, specific to contact centers and BPO's

  • High Performance Management Techniques (HPMT) Training

    An overview of the HPMT class.

  • Registered Coordinator Training to the VMO Standard

    An overview of COPC VMO Registered Coordinator Training

  • Online Management Training Series

    An overview of all online classes offered and descriptions of available modules

  • COPC Inc. Best Practices for CX Operations Training

    An overview of COPC Best Practices for Customer Experience (CX) training

  • COPC Inc. Customer Journey Mapping Certification

    An overview of the COPC Customer Journey Mapping Certification Program

  • COPC Inc. Global Training

    An overview of all COPC Inc. training options - online, in-person, and client site