How We Have Helped Our Clients

COPC Inc. is an industry leader in performance improvement for customer operations throughout the world. The most meaningful validation of our work comes directly from the results that our clients have achieved.

In the case studies listed below, you will find success stories from our various services. Learn how we have helped our clients and the ways our clients have benefited from working with COPC Inc.

Case Study

  • China’s Leading E-commerce Platform for Life Services Builds a Customer-Centric Service Operation

    Meituan achieved COPC Certification for several sites in July 2019, capping nearly two years of focused effort while also realizing an ROI of nearly 50x.

  • Global Workforce Management Team Strengthens through COPC Inc. Training

    COPC Inc.’s workforce management approach ensures team alignment techniques for accuracy and consistency throughout a global customer care program.

  • Car Hailing Customer Service Center Ensures Client Satisfaction through COPC Certification

    Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur is the first in its industry to achieve COPC Certification in China by meeting all high-performing entity requirements.

  • Global Leader Provides Unmatched Customer Experience by Implementing the COPC CX Standard

    Orange Romania achieves its goal of providing optimal customer service by implementing COPC Inc. best practices and methodologies across four sites.

  • Large Business Process Company Improves Workforce Management Across the Globe

    Conduent, one of the largest business process companies in the world ensures excellence in workforce management using COPC Framework.

  • Webhelp Improves CSAT through Certification

    COPC Inc. delivered a set of recommendations aimed at quality management, coaching and gathering the Voice of the Customer to ensure operational performance.

  • Leading Health Technology Company Achieves High Performance Levels

    Philips demonstrates its determination to improve overall performance and a balanced approach within its operations by achieving COPC Inc. certification.

  • Large Customer Engagement Services Company Adopts the COPC CX Standard

    A global business services company delivers extraordinary end user satisfaction and recruitment by certifying 30 sites to the COPC CX Standard.

  • Malaysia Utility Improves CSAT and Reduces Service Costs

    Following a path toward certification to the COPC CX Standard, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, a major utility company in Malaysia, was able to improve utilization, achieve more consistency, meet CSAT targets and reduce customer critical errors.

  • Telecommunications Group Optimizes Workforce Management (WFM)

    COPC Inc.’s WFM recommendations to the client included a head count reduction of 35%, projecting an annual savings of up $2.2 million.

  • Financial Firm Aligns Quality to Predict Performance

    After implementing the COPC Inc. quality approach, quality results were finally aligned with customer satisfaction results at this financial services firm.

  • Electricity Provider Captures Sales Insight

    By utilizing the quality process, this provider identified areas for cost reduction.

  • Telecom Provider Increases Customer Satisfaction

    Improving customer satisfaction and issue resolution as well as a reduced call volume to reduce call center agents.

  • U.S. Electronics Retailer Improves CSAT, Cost and Sales

    Improving customer satisfaction to achieve cost savings and increase revenue and a 3x ROI in cost savings and revenue.

  • Vendor Alignment Increases Customer Satisfaction

    Improving performance by aligning internal and outsourced contact centers and achieving a $53 million ROI.

  • Service Experts Improve Performance by Contract Restructuring

    Reducing costs and improving performance through vendor contact restructuring, achieving $2.1 million in savings each year.

  • Citigroup Improves Performance with Certification and Six Sigma

    Citigroup combines certification and Six Sigma for performance improvement in multiple regions.

  • UWV Improves Operational Performance Through Certification

    Performance improvement through certification to the COPC CSP Standard and cost savings of an estimated €3 million.

  • Groupon Achieves Millions in Savings

    Groupon saved millions in costs, reduced risk, and provided a consistent customer experience through work with COPC Inc.

  • Major Retailer Improves CX Operations with Customer Journey Mapping

    COPC identifies 27 specific customer improvement opportunities for a $3B industry-leading retailer.

  • North American Telecom Collections Improves Bad Debt, Churn, and Right Party Connects

    How a client stopped quarterly losses of $6-12M in bad debt in 12 months and increased right party connects by 3X.