Examine Industry Best Practices

Customer experience operations are always changing. Technologies improve, customer expectations evolve, and new techniques for performance improvement are developed. In the white papers and reports available here, senior leaders at COPC Inc. examine industry best practices for CX operations. These materials provide an in-depth review of key operational areas, with a focus on performance improvement for contact centers, CX operations, quality, and vendor management organizations.

Quality Management

  • How Quality Automation Delivers Real Business Value

    This paper provides insight into the advantages of using quality automation tools and their ROI.

Customer Experience, Contact Centers, Quality

  • Moving to a Work-At-Home Model When Rapid Response Is Required

    This paper presents expert advice and insight for contact centers rapidly transitioning to a Work-At-Home environment during challenging times.

  • Five Steps to Effective Recruiting, Hiring and Training

    This white paper provides an overview of the five steps in recruiting, hiring and training to develop a workforce that is productive and focused on delivering a good customer experience.

  • How to Meet Service Level Needs while Controlling Costs

    This white paper presents seven common problems within your customer experience operation that can affect your Service Level objectives.

  • Proving the Value of Your Contact Center Operation

    This white paper discusses how information sourced from your contact center can provide valuable business intelligence that can be shared with the rest of your company, such as product development, sales or marketing.

  • How to Design Quality to Link to Customer Satisfaction

    Read this white paper to learn the seven fundamental changes we recommend to clients to drive improvements in their quality program.

Vendor Management

  • 2021 State of Contact Center Vendor Management

    This paper presents an expert recap of the state vendor management teams in 2020 and insight into their top priorities for 2021.

  • Measuring Performance of High Volume Outsourced Services

    This white paper offers an examination of the five areas of measurement needed to provide an assessment of the performance of your third-party suppliers of call center or CX services.