Version 4.0 Now Available:
With New User Interface and User Experience

Don’t Just Monitor Performance—Improve It.

RevealCX™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) quality monitoring solution that aligns your quality results with the customer experience. This solution delivers real-time actionable data to all levels of management, allowing you to immediately uncover root causes of issues impacting performance.

By using RevealCX, you will actually improve the customer experience, sales performance, and the cost of your customer experience (CX) operations. Your quality program will become a valuable resource to other parts of the organization by providing vital business insights typically not captured through a monitoring program.

New Features in Version 4.0
for Better Quality Monitoring

The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) have been redesigned to be more modern, straightforward and interactive. Key features include a new navigational menu; a simplified user flow of calibration, administrative, reporting, and search modules; and easy-access modals for searching and loading new data.

RevealCX now features a role-based, dynamic dashboard showing relevant, drill-down information specific to the business needs of the user, from the agent to an executive. The dashboard combines high-level tracking and reporting along with immediate needs requiring priority attention.

The reporting functionality now includes extended agent-level filtering and new capabilities such as query-based comparison reporting, opportunities reporting, expanded evaluation tracking including agent-level tracking, and non-aggregated trend reporting.

In addition to Reveal’s binary form based on COPC best practices, users now have the option to build a rating-scale evaluation form. Key features of the form include customizable section headers, attribute level weighting, three-point or five-point scale options, rating-scale reporting, accuracy by user, accuracy trend, overall accuracy, attribute opportunities and evaluation tracking.

The COPC Inc. Approach to Quality

The RevealCX quality monitoring solution was developed by COPC Inc., based on our proven approach and best practices to quality management.  This solution incorporates more than 20 years of our quality monitoring experience and executive-level quality program development.

Our approach to quality focuses on finding and resolving issues that affect the customer experience. Often this means redesigning your quality program to provide an accurate measure of performance—from the customer’s perspective. When done correctly, your quality program can predict the customer’s experience with your company. This will allow you to be more proactive in fixing issues before they impact your customers and your revenue.

To learn more about the COPC approach to quality, read our white paper.

More About RevealCX Quality Monitoring

Dynamic Form Design for Capturing Root Cause

Capture root cause of issues impacting performance using a form designed to give you unlimited layers of attributes to identify specific reasons for errors, not simply if something was a “pass” or “fail.”

Robust and Actionable Drill-Down Reporting

Know immediately where to focus improvement efforts with real-time, onscreen reporting that provides actionable data at all levels with drilldown capabilities that uncovers root cause of errors.

Feedback Action Plan Automation

Quickly notify agents and managers when action plans have been provided, viewed and completed using RevealCX’s automated feedback notification loop.

Quality Management Across Geo-Locations and Providers

Manage your entire quality program across sites, regions, and third-party providers.

Calibration Process Automation with Quantified Results

Automatically alert evaluators when a calibration session is scheduled. When the session is completed, realtime, quantitative results reveal how accurately and consistently evaluators are scoring transactions.

Three Quality Metrics, Versus One Overall Score

Measure quality from the perspectives of the customer, the business and compliance to get a more accurate view of performance and to know exactly where to focus your improvement efforts.

Business Intelligence Capabilities

Become a trusted advisor to your entire organization by capturing insights not necessarily specific to an interaction or how it was handled. This could include customer satisfaction, complaints, comments about new products and reactions to corporate policy changes.

Easy to Use, Modify and Maintain

Change or modify forms, feedback, and calibration in real time without needing IT involvement.

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Quality Reimagined.

  • Align quality results with customer satisfaction (CSAT) and other business measures.
  • Use quality data as a predictor of CSAT, allowing for a proactive approach to addressing issues.
  • Capture root cause of errors, giving operations and the business actionable data to improve performance.
  • Become a trusted advisor to the entire organization by providing valuable business intelligence.
  • Deliver an accurate view of performance with the right metrics.
  • Empower the quality team through a software design that enables efficient and effective management of the entire quality process.
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