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Introducing the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard

The COPC Indirect Procurement Standard, published in 2017, is a performance management system developed specifically for indirect procurement operations.

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The Standard gives you the guidelines to strategically manage your indirect spend, providing best practices and key metrics in five areas:  leadership and planning; business processes; support processes; people processes; and performance.

Key Features of the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard

  • Lower spending with better, more consistent supplier performance
  • Higher levels of satisfaction among both internal customers and suppliers
  • High-performing procurement operation with appropriate staffing levels and optimal organizational costs
  • Procurement organization becomes a trusted strategic advisor to its internal customers
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Why the Standard was Created

Indirect procurement, the purchase of goods and services used internally at a company for effective operations, can be 50 to 100 percent of corporate spend.  However, there is little in the way of established guidelines or best practices specifically focused on indirect procurement.

Recognizing this need, COPC Inc., academic leaders from the Center for Supply Chain Management at Western Michigan University, Microsoft Corporation, and executives responsible for other large indirect procurement organizations came together to develop the Standard. These companies include Cisco, General Motors, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intuit, Magna International, Perrigo, Rolls Royce and Stryker.

Certification to the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard

Certification to the Standard is available to any indirect procurement organization and is recommended for all organizations with substantial amounts of indirect spend. Certifying a purchasing organization to the Standard verifies and validates that the organization is meeting or exceeding high-performance operational targets.

Contact us to learn more about how to certify your organization to the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard.

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We offer two levels of training for indirect procurement professionals:

  • COPC® Indirect Procurement Standard Executive Overview—an executive level overview of the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard (one day)
  • COPC® Best Practices for Indirect Procurement—in-depth training for indirect procurement leaders seeking to implement the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard in their organization (four days)

Both classes can be delivered privately at your location and will be offered publicly in the beginning of 2018.

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We can work with you to improve your indirect procurement operation in a number of ways:

  • IP Operational Review
  • IP Performance Improvement
  • Customer/Supplier Satisfaction Interface Assessments
  • Sourcing Strategy & Support

For more information for any of our Indirect Procurement services, contact:

André Frommer