COPC Certification

COPC certification is the most prestigious recognition in the industry for any customer experience operation. The certification process is an independent and objective assessment of your operation’s current performance compared to the requirements found in the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard.

Certification by COPC Inc. validates your organization’s commitment to delivering the highest levels of service to your customers. Your customers and your stakeholders can

be assured that you are using consistent processes and best practices that drive and sustain improvement in the areas of leadership, people, processes and performance.

COPC certification is available for any CX operation such as call centers, retail environments or digital channels, along with outsourced service providers, and vendor management organizations. More than 500 companies in 56 countries have earned COPC certification since 1996.

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Stand out from the crowd. Earn COPC certification and be recognized by a trusted credible source for your outstanding operational performance.
Read more about the benefits of COPC certification for your call center, customer experience operation or vendor management program. 

Since 1996, hundreds of organizations throughout the world have been certified by COPC Inc. to one of the COPC Standards.
Find a list of companies with operations certified by COPC Inc.


COPC certification is based on the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard. The Standard includes versions for customer experience management, both in-house and outsourced, and vendor management organizations.
Read the COPC CX Standard that is right for your organization.


COPC certification gives your organization best practices, consistent processes, and performance metrics to achieve and sustain continuous performance improvement.
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A key step in the COPC certification process is to learn best practices based in the COPC CX Standard and become a Certified COPC Customer Experience Implementation Leader.
Best practices training is available globally.

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