COPC Certification

COPC certification is a rigorous process to assess, improve and verify your call center or CX operations are performing at the highest levels. Certification by COPC Inc. validates your organization is using consistent processes and best practices specific to call centers, CX operations, outsourced service providers, vendor management organizations, healthcare providers, or indirect procurement.

Our certification program is not simply focused on documented processes or self-reported data. To achieve COPC certification, you must demonstrate high levels of performance to key metrics, with evidence of processes that drive and sustain improvement.

The certification process is based on your organization meeting the requirements in one of the COPC Standards specific to your type of operation. Each COPC Standard focuses on best practices regarding people, processes, and performance that will drive excellence in your operations.

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COPC certification gives your organization best practices, consistent processes, and performance metrics to achieve and sustain continuous performance improvement. Validate your high performance through the COPC certification process. 

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Since 1996, hundreds of organizations throughout the world have been certified by COPC Inc. to one of the COPC Standards. Find a list of organizations currently certified here. 


The COPC Standards include versions for customer experience management, both in-house and outsourced, vendor management organizations, health care providers and indirect procurement. Read the COPC Standard that is right for your organization. 

COPC® Best Practices for CX Operations

Take our flagship training program to improve your customer experience operations. This training is beneficial for organizations servicing customers through a single channel such as a call center, or for those working across multiple channels. This four-day training is offered throughout the world or can taught on-site at your facility.