About COPC Inc.:
Improving Operations that Support
the Customer Experience

COPC Inc. is a global consulting, training and certification company that helps organizations improve their customer experience operations.

The customer experience is the sum of all the touch points that a customer has with your company. This used to be primarily the call center or in person. Today, that point of contact could be anything from an email, live chat, a mobile application or an online experience. The customer is now in control and that person comes to your organization through any and all channels. This is an omnichannel experience.

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COPC Inc. partners with your company to assess, develop and implement an omnichannel experience that is seamless, consistent and productive. Working with us, you and your team will improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and reduce costs.

Our expertise in customer experience operations is based on our long history of improving call center operations for major companies throughout the world. Now we offer our best practices and skilled approach to improving operations that support the customer experience to drive customer loyalty, growth and profits.



A large telecom provider achieved $53 million return on investment (ROI)


This organization operates more than 80 centers throughout the world, working 24×7 with consumer and business clients. The group was receiving low scores in quality and overall satisfaction, but the company was unsure why and did not know what actions to take to improve their performance.

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