Private, On-site Management Training
for Your Customer Experience (CX) Operations

In addition to our public classes and online training, we offer the convenience of private training for your management team at a location of your choice – whether at your site or another venue. If you have ten or more staff members that need training, a private class is ideal for you.

COPC Inc. facilitators have over 17 years of practical experience with real-world knowledge of current issues and trends. They will work with your team to generate ideas to motivate employees, create a customer-centric culture, resolve issues and implement best practices to improve the customer experience.

Some classes, such as COPC® High Performance Management Techniques, are customized using your operational data. See below for an example of how this particular course would be designed and delivered to your team:

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Benefits of COPC Inc. Private Training:

  • Training is customized using your data and examples, so you can immediately apply what you learn to your specific operation
  • Eliminates travel costs and reduces time away from managing your Customer Experience (CX) operation
  • Encourages collaboration and teamwork among those who attend, so they can make an immediate impact after training
  • Ensures all key members of your management team are trained in best practices and metrics for managing your operation
  • Leverages the experience of COPC Inc. facilitators to generate ideas and specific plans for improvement