Customer experience consulting

Fixing CX Operational Problems is what we do

You’ve been searching for better ways to navigate today’s unique CX challenges. Let COPC Inc. show you the way.

• Increase customer satisfaction

• Decrease costs and inefficiencies

• Reduce staff turnover

• Maximize CX technology ROI

• Improve employee engagement

• Drive sales and profitability

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Relentlessly focused on improving customer experience

Superior CX elevates great brands above their competitors. But providing this level of service in today’s environment is often easier said than done. As CX consultants, our specialty is helping organizations cut through the ever-increasing noise to solve their most significant issues and address everyday operational challenges such as:
Poor customer satisfaction
Ineffective channel strategies
Increased attrition
Low employee engagement
Outsourcing concerns
Inefficient operational processes
These are just a few of the issues faced by many organizations today. And it’s often daunting to know where to start. At COPC Inc., we are laser-focused on improving customer experience operations – just as we have been for over 25 years. You’re not just getting customer experience consultants when you work with us. You are partnering with recognized experts who have been in your shoes and will help you navigate even the most complex situations as you take your CX operations and design to the next level.
customer experience SERVICE DESIGN

Build a strong foundation for exceptional cX

Exceptional customer experiences don’t just happen. You have to intentionally design your service strategy across people, processes and systems to deliver experiences that live up to your customers’ expectations. COPC Inc. has been helping companies design outstanding CX for their customers for over a quarter century.

Breaking Down Silos

Eliminate internal barriers while establishing a structure that best supports your CX strategy.

Channel Optimization

Maximize first-contact resolution while guiding customers to the best channel for their issues.

Maximizing Technology ROI

Minimize costs while solving customer issues by making the most of your CX technology investment.

Get significant and lasting improvements, starting today

Designing the desired service experience is just one piece of the puzzle. We promise to quickly uncover the root cause of performance or process issues and create a detailed roadmap to solve your most significant operational challenges. We then work alongside your team to implement those solutions for immediate and sustained improvements.

Centers of Excellence

Implement key centers of excellence that are scalable and sustainable based on proven best practices to deliver effective workforce management, quality and people approaches.

Performance Improvement

Quickly identify root causes of performance issues to make immediate improvements (internal and outsourced operations) in key metrics including customer satisfaction, quality, sales, service and cost.

Employee Engagement and Attrition

Develop recruiting, hiring, retention and engagement strategies to attract and retain high-performing staff.
Strategic Sourcing

Align partnerships with your business goals

If you outsource any of your customer contact services, you need partners who care as much about your customers as you do. COPC Inc. will put our 25+ years of experience to work finding, vetting and contracting suppliers that align with your objectives.

Select the best providers for your business

We will help you define your requirements and manage the vetting process so you are guaranteed to partner with suppliers who share your goals and align with your company’s values.

Obtain the best pricing

Because we’ve been doing this for decades, we know what services should cost and how to get you the maximum value for your money.

Establish management framework

Once a supplier is selected, we provide you with the structure and methodology needed to achieve maximum results throughout your new partnership.
Our CX Consulting Process

In the world of Customer Experience Consulting, our process sets the standard.

At COPC, Inc., we’ve been helping the world’s largest brands deliver exceptional experiences to their customers for over 25 years. Our performance improvement consulting work transforms your CX operations by boosting customer satisfaction and increasing sales while reducing operational costs. Our three-part process will quickly identify the root cause of performance issues, determine areas with the greatest POI, implement proven approaches for immediate improvement and provide tools for continual improvement.


We review the strategy, design, and performance of your existing CX operation and uncover opportunities for improvement.


In the world of CX operations, there's no such thing as good enough. We keep what's working in your current operation and take the rest to another level.


We give you the tools for sustained success including professional development and ongoing coaching.

What we've done for others, we can do for you.

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OUR Expertise

More than your average CX Consultant

Here's what sets us apart from other customer experience consultants.

All About Ops

Operations form the foundation for successful CX. From person-to-person touchpoints to digital engagement, nobody knows the CX customer journey better than we do.

Results Driven

Sound advice is only half the story, which is why our consulting work is hands-on, detail- oriented and focused on results.


Your consulting project isn’t over until you and your teams are confident in your abilities to sustain and improve future performance.

It's Personal

Our team of on-staff consultants will treat your CX operations with the same dedication we’ve provided for dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

You Won't Walk Alone

Where most consultants do their jobs and then disappear, COPC, Inc. is with you for the long haul.

Clearly CX

All of our efforts focus on improving your ability to provide unequaled service and support for your customers, just as they have been for over 25 years.