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Customer Experience Technology Consulting

Combining advanced technology with CX expertise to help you design and deliver the best service journey for your customers.

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Exceptional CX Doesn't Happen Without Great Technology.

Delivering exceptional customer experience requires vision, knowledge, sound design and nearly flawless execution. We assist leading brands worldwide in designing and deploying their CX strategies. We do this via empowered and engaged teams, sound processes based on best practices and great technology.

Our suite of assessment, transformation and enablement services will help you solve any CX technology challenge and prepare you for future success ---- leading to happier customers, employees and CEOs.

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New Car or New Battery?

Our sole objective is to guide you to current and future success with your customers and stakeholders.  Working with COPC, you will have access to leading technology experts in all aspects of customer support and CX operations.  Most importantly, you won’t be pressured into solutions you don’t need.

Whether you require minor refinements for an existing application or a comprehensive transformation of your CX technology ecosystem, count on COPC as your dedicated partner for success—just as we have been for CX leaders worldwide for nearly three decades.

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Create a Better Now and a Better Future

The rapid advancement of technology capabilities can be dizzying to customers and business leaders alike.  Determining the most suitable technology investments should be based on the ability of chosen solutions to deliver near-term return on investment (ROI) while also setting your business up for sustained growth and success.

Through thoughtfully crafted workshops aimed at providing executives with a solid foundation in AI and other leading CX technologies, COPC will help you intelligently tap into the power of CX technology to deliver value now and into the future.

COPC Technology Solutions

Choosing the right technology solution to support your customers and internal customer care team can be confusing and stressful. Plus, the work doesn’t stop once you have implemented the solution. You are then faced with an even bigger challenge - optimizing the configuration and deployment while integrating it seamlessly into your CX tech ecosystem. Let COPC CX technology experts ease your transformation into a better customer experience and business results.



COPC assessments provide unique value by uncovering opportunities in people, processes, policies, and technologies. We offer a detailed roadmap to boost ROI and enhance CSAT.



We serve as your technology partner, sourcing solutions aligned with your CX strategy. We facilitate ecosystem transformations, fine-tune niche solutions, and establish ongoing support models.



Specializing in impactful CX tech solutions, we cover AI, Bots, RPA, CCAAS, Digital Journey, analytics, workforce optimization, quality, knowledge management, agent training, assist, and performance management.



To help you prepare for change with the evolving CX landscape, we offer 2-4 hour workshops delivered by leading tech experts. These sessions cater to business leaders seeking a solid foundation in the latest CX technologies.

COPC Approved Technology Partners

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Why Trust COPC as Your Technology Consulting Partner?

You have many choices when it comes to choosing a partner, and the stakes are high. COPC has been dedicated to helping global brands improve the customer experience for over 27 years. We bring that unique experience to our technology consulting work to ensure your customer always has a seat at the table and that your technology solutions deliver for your customers and bottom line.

Customer Experience Obsessed

We are relentlessly focused on transforming operations that support the customer experience across channels. Our customer-centric approach ensures the success of your technology project.

Partners in Implementation

You will not just get a long list of opportunities from us. We provide you with detailed plans that prioritize the highest ROI areas. Then we help you to implement effective solutions quickly .


We employ industry experts with an average of 15+ years of direct and proven experience, guiding you every step of the way.

Guided by the Standard

Considered the gold standard of CX excellence, we leverage the best practices found in the COPC CX Standard, combining technology and processes that deliver for customers.