Changing Your Customer Experience Operations
to Improve Issue Resolution

Every day technology companies create solutions that promise to fundamentally change the way our world operates. In particular, the convergence of desktop and mobile has increased the need for high-performing customer contact operations in the areas of sales, support and customer service.

Some of our technology clients:

Particularly challenging for technology companies is providing customer support, since customers come to them with varying levels of knowledge and expectations. Some are tech savvy and want to resolve their issues online or through social media, while others are not as comfortable with technology and need more help. Companies must address both, which requires that front-line agents have expanded skills and experience.

At COPC Inc., our consulting work with technology companies will help you implement the right metrics and operational processes to meet the needs of today’s customers and improve issue resolution. We also will ensure your recruiting and training processes result in agents who are prepared to service all customers. You can be confident that your organization provides issue resolution in a timely, cost-effective manner that meets customer expectations.