Manage Suppliers and Improve Performance
Using the COPC CX Standard for VMOs

The COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard for Vendor Management Organizations (VMOs) addresses the specific needs of VMOs working with third-party suppliers providing call center and customer experience services.

The COPC CX Standard for VMOs offers:
  • Sourcing approach to select and on-board third-party providers of call center and CX services
  • Proven method with tools to evaluate, manage and improve an outsourced, multichannel CX program
  • Structure to coordinate processes and bring uniformity across channels and providers
  • Metrics and high-performing targets to ensure providers are meeting or exceeding expectations

The COPC CX Standard for VMOs is appropriate for any type of customer experience operation that is provided through a third-party vendor, including assisted and unassisted channels.  The Standard is available free of charge.

Download the CX Standard for VMOs

Get Trained on VMO Best Practices

COPC® Best Practices for Vendor Management Organizations (VMOs) is a training program for those who procure and/or manage outsourced suppliers for call center or other CX operations. This class is based on the COPC CX Standard for VMOs. Classes are scheduled worldwide throughout the year.

Attend COPC Best Practices for VMOs to learn: 
  • Approaches for partnering with both outsourced and internal service providers to deliver high levels of client and customer satisfaction
  • How to tackle common challenges in outsourcing assisted support, such as significant seasonal ramps in staffing and unplanned spikes in customer contact volume
  • Techniques to improve vendor selection and management capabilities of your buying team
  • Benchmark results and processes that high-performing VMOs use when selecting and managing third-parties who support their call center and CX operations
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Certify Your Organization to the CX Standard

Join other leading brands when you earn COPC certification based on the CX Standard. Using these guidelines, your VMO will learn how to improve the customer experience through better insights into customer expectations and align systems and processes to meet these expectations. Certification provides industry-recognized validation that your organization has consistently met high performance levels in managing customer satisfaction, revenue, service, quality, and costs.  Learn more about the benefits of certification and how to certify your VMO to the COPC CX Standard.

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