COPC Standards

A Performance Management System for
Contact Center and Customer Experience Operations


All of our work at COPC Inc. is based on the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, which provides guidelines and best practices for managing and improving the performance of your customer experience operations. Major brands throughout the world rely on the COPC CX Standard for their customer experience (CX) management program.

The latest version of the COPC CX Standard is Release 7.0 with new specialized editions for Customer Operations and Contact Centers.

COPC CX Standard for Contact Centers, Release 7.0:

  • Suitable for Outsource Service Providers (OSPs) and Customer Service Providers (CSPs)
  • Provides a detailed framework designed to achieve high performance, focusing on contact center services essential to improving a customer’s service journey

COPC CX Standard for Customer Operations, Release 7.0:

  • Suitable for Customer Service Providers (CSPs)
  • Provides a flexible framework that drives high performance across your CX operation and throughout all customer service journeys

Which COPC CX Standard is best for your Organization?

For CSPs and CX Operations responsible for delivering high-quality CX interactions
CX Standard for Customer Operations, Rel. 7.0 EnglishCX Standard for Customer Operations, Rel. 7.0 Chinese
For OSPs and CSPs responsible for supporting traditional and digital channels
CX Standard for Contact Centers, Rel. 7.0 EnglishCX Standard for Contact Centers, Rel. 7.0 Chinese

Key Features of the COPC CX Standard, Release 7.0:

  • Improved Management of the Customer’s Service Journey – Identifies and targets improvement for the critical service journeys that impact customer experience and business success
  • Updated Digital Assisted Channel Management – Includes new roles, measurements and processes for improved management of digital service channels
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement – Focuses on critical drivers of employee engagement that reduce attrition and increase satisfaction
  • New Metrics – Provides improved and streamlined metrics for CX operations

Certify Your Organization

Full Certification.  COPC Inc. provides your organization with a variety of certification options to address your business needs and improve performance. We offer full certification to the COPC CX Standard. Certification provides you with an independent and objective assessment of current performance compared to a robust, scalable and rigorous performance management system for call centers and other CX operations. By going through the certification process, you can be confident that your organization is well run and performing optimally by meeting the following requirements:

  • The adoption and consistent implementation of best practices for managing customer experience, service, quality and efficiency
  • Ensuring all of your targets are benchmarked against global, high performing organizations
  • Consistent achievement of the majority of your contact center’s targets and objectives
  • Corrective actions taken for weak processes and underperforming areas of your operation

Process Certification. We also offer process certification focused on a key issue or operation such as customer satisfaction, workforce management, quality, sourcing, and recruiting/hiring/training.

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The COPC CX Standard, Release 7.0 introduces improved management of the customer’s service journey, as well as several other notable changes that will significantly impact the contact center industry.

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