COPC Standards

A Performance Management Framework
for Call Center and Customer Experience Operations


All of our work at COPC Inc. is based on the best practices and guidelines found in the COPC Standards, a collection of performance management systems to improve operations that support the customer experience.

The most well-known Standard is the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, which covers all operational aspects of the customer experience. The COPC CX Standard can be applied to call centers, CX operations, outsourced service providers (OSPs), or vendor management organizations (VMOs).

There are five COPC Standards that anyone can download and use for free. The CX Standard includes versions for customer service providers (CSP), OSPs and VMOs. We also offer Standards specifically for healthcare organizations and indirect procurement.

Which COPC Standard is right for your organization?

A History of the Standards

In 1996, the founders of COPC Inc. along with other industry leaders saw a need for structured processes and measurements to ensure call center operations delivered consistently high performance. This group developed the COPC Customer Service Provider Standard, what is now called the COPC Customer Experience Standard.

The COPC Standards Committee

Each COPC Standard is governed by the COPC Standards Committee, a select group of industry leaders from companies throughout the world. The Standards Committee meets twice a year to review industry trends and market needs to collectively determine any adjustments that need to be made to the COPC Standards.

Current COPC Standards Committee members include representatives from American Coradius International, Caisses Desjardins, Concentrix, COPC Inc., Independent Health, Microsoft, Millicom, Orange, Sea Bags, SMBC Nikko Securities, and Teleperformance Group.

Get Your Organization Certified

COPC Inc. provides your organization a variety of certification options to address your business needs and improve performance. We offer full certification to one of the COPC Standards. We also offer process certification focused on a key issue or operation such as customer satisfaction, workforce management,
recruiting/hiring/training, quality, and sourcing.

Certification to a COPC Standard Provides You:
  • Independent and objective assessment of current performance compared to the most prestigious, robust, scalable and rigorous performance management system for CX operations
  • Increased confidence that your organization is well run and performing optimally by meeting the following requirements:
    • The adoption and consistent implementation of best practices for management of customer experience, service, quality and efficiency
    • Ensuring all of your targets are benchmarked against global, high performing organizations
    • Consistent achievement of the majority of your contact center’s targets and objectives
    • Corrective actions taken for weak processes and underperforming areas of your operation

Learn more about COPC Inc. certification.

Now available:
The COPC CX Standard, VMO version

The latest version of the COPC CX Standard is specifically for vendor management organizations. If you work with third-party suppliers for your call center or customer experience operations, this COPC Standard is for you. Learn best practices and metrics for improving cost and performance from your outsourced suppliers.

Download the Standard
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to learn about the COPC Standards.