Certify your call center to the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard and achieve the industry’s leading designation in call center excellence by completing our call center certification process.

Certification by COPC Inc. gives your organization best practices, consistent processes, and performance metrics to achieve and sustain continuous performance improvement. Through the certification process, your organization will gain a complete understanding of how to run the optimal call center and ensure that every component consistently meets or exceeds benchmarked performance objectives.

COPC Inc. offers call center certification for any type of operation such as inbound and outbound sales, technical support, customer service, and collections.

Certification by COPC Inc. is an independent and objective assessment of your call center operations and includes transactions such as inbound/outbound phone, chat, email and social media. Companies that earn certification by COPC Inc. increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and reduce their operational costs.

Improving Performance Through Certification
to the COPC CSP Standard

Sunshine Insurance is one of China’s top 500 companies and one of Asia’s largest insurance companies.  In a highly competitive industry, the company embarked on certification to the COPC CSP Standard to solidify a foundation for growth.  In just one year, the company achieved a 4X ROI in cost savings.

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Benefits of Call Center Certification by COPC Inc:

  • Objective measures in place for all activities that directly impact your end-users or your clients if you are a third-party provider
  • A demonstrated capability to achieve a majority of your performance targets
  • Implementation of performance improvement methodologies that has provided proven results
  • Gives you a roadmap and established processes to plan for change and achieve a significant return on investment

Process Certification

If you are seeking to improve a specific work process, your call center also can undergo call center certification for several key work process areas:  quality, customer satisfaction, workforce management, recruiting/hiring/training and sourcing. Process certification allows you to address a specific performance issue within your customer contact operation and optimize key work processes—particularly when you need a quick resolution to a critical issue.

The Call Center Certification Process

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Microsoft has achieved certification to both the CSP and VMO Standards. Combined with our Outsourcing Management System, we have driven global consistency in managing metrics and implementing best practices, resulting in increased performance levels within Microsoft and with our suppliers.”

— Mike Simms,
General Manager,
Chief Outsourcing Officer,

Call Center Certification Requirements:
  • Adopt and implement best practices to manage customer satisfaction, revenue, service, quality and costs
  • Demonstrate the capability to achieve a majority of performance targets
  • Take corrective actions for poor performance or weak processes within your call center operation
Call Center Certification Examines Four Areas: