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Employee Engagement

We help organizations attract and maintain a highly engaged workforce, resulting in less time and money spent on recruitment and training due to lower staff attrition. Well-trained and seasoned staff members who have obtained essential skills and knowledge can better assist customers, leading to more favorable outcomes.

Addressing Call Center Challenges

COPC Inc. Employee Engagement Services support human resource professionals, customer experience executives and contact center leaders to address challenges within their call centers. These difficulties include failing KPIs, high attrition, increased absenteeism, underperforming vendors, CSAT issues and issue resolution problems. Based on our analysis of thousands of engagement data points for contact center employees, we have an unrivaled understanding of the industry’s key drivers of employee satisfaction and retention. Using this knowledge, we have developed a model for gathering and analyzing employee feedback that determines their top priorities.

COPC Inc Supports FBC Asia Pacific with Employee Engagement Services

FBC Asia Pacific’s most important asset is its people which is why they reached out to COPC Inc. to conduct their first employee engagement survey.
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Employee Engagement Services Overview

Read the brochure for an in-depth overview of COPC Inc.’s Employee Engagement Services.
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