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Our consulting services are based on the COPC® Family of Standards, a collection of performance management systems for any customer experience operation.

This structured and proven approach drives significant and sustainable results in customer experience management.

Build a Customer-centric Organization

COPC Inc.’s consulting services focuses on improving operations that support the customer experience. 

We start every engagement by looking at your operation from a customer-centric view. We find and address root causes of customer issues and provide guidance about how you can successfully manage complex customer journeys. By improving the performance of key touch points within that journey, you will achieve increased customer satisfaction, higher revenue and reduced costs.

Based on our 20-year history of working with call centers, we will help you transform your customer experience management (CEM) program to better align with your customer’s needs, expectations, and behaviors.

We can help your organization in three ways:

  • Review and improve the design, functionality and effectiveness
    of your overall CEM strategy.
  • Improve the operational performance of key customer touch points within your CX program, such as phone, email, chat, social media, website, mobile application, back-office operation, or face-to-face organization.
  • If you work with outside vendors, analyze and improve your vendor management program and sourcing strategies.

Your return on investment is our top priority.
Our clients typically achieve these results:


For more information, contact COPC Inc. or download our Family of Services brochure. 

A large telecom provider achieved $53 million return on investment (ROI)

COPC offers customer service consulting services throughout the world.This organization operates more than 80 centers throughout the world, working 24×7 with consumer and business clients. The group was receiving low scores in quality and overall satisfaction, but the company was unsure why and did not know what actions to take to improve their performance.

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