Customer Experience Consulting:
Achieve a Successful Customer Journey

Managing the customer experience (CX) can be a complex process, involving numerous departments and affecting policies and procedures. We know you are tasked to present a seamless experience to your customer while often relying on your existing technology, corporate infrastructure and processes.

Customer experience consulting with COPC Inc. can help. Leveraging our 20 years of improving call center operations, we apply our proven processes to help you better manage key touch points critical to customer satisfaction. No matter where you are in your customer experience management (CEM) program, we can help you create, review or operationalize your strategy to drive successful interactions and create loyal customers.

We take the siloed pieces of your multichannel CX program
to build an omnichannel experience
that improves operations and turns customers into advocates.

Our CEM Services:

  • CX Reviews: Assess critical components of your CX program and provide an analysis and improvement recommendations for:
    • CEM strategy
    • CX operational effectiveness
    • Current CX performance across channels
    • CX measurement methods
    • Omnichannel integration and effectiveness
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Analyze and document your customer’s end-to-end experience to identify segments, process gaps, and opportunities.  We then work with your team to build a customer journey map based on your customer’s expectations and behaviors.

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  • CX Improvement Program:  Provide a detailed improvement plan and roadmap for addressing operational issues impacting the customer experience, gaps in omnichannel integration and effectiveness, or plans to operationalize your CEM strategy.
  • CX Implementation:  Working together, we ensure the successful implementation of your CEM strategy, CX operational improvement plans, CX measurement methods, or omnichannel integration efforts. We provide guidance to transfer knowledge to your CX team for sustained operational improvement.

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We are relentlessly focused
on performance improvement for operations that support the customer experience.

This is all we do.”

—Cliff Moore,
Chairman, COPC Inc.

Building a Quality Program that Drives a Superior Customer Experience

COPC Inc. provides call center consulting, training and certification servicesMost quality programs are not designed correctly to measure performance accurately. In the white paper, you will learn how to design a quality program in your contact center to drive improvements that will directly impact the customer experience.

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