Vendor Management Consulting:
Optimize Your Outsourced Service Providers

We know that managing a network of outsourced service providers (OSPs) can be overwhelming. You are entrusting others to deliver a superior and consistent customer experience to your customers. It is critical to choose the right partner and ensure they are operating at a high level of performance.

COPC Inc. has counseled vendor management organizations (VMOs) since 2002, helping companies optimize the performance of their outsourced providers and dramatically reduce their total cost of ownership.

outsourced service providers

COPC Inc. works with hundreds of call centers and other customer  experience operations throughout the world, both in-house and outsourced, to improve their operational performance. This expertise gives us strategic insight to advise your VMO as you source and manage third-party services for any part of your customer experience (CX) program. We can review your current pricing and performance levels as compared to our global benchmarks to determine opportunities to both improve performance and achieve a more consistent customer experience across your outsourced service providers.

We can help your VMO in two ways:

  • Improve performance of your VMO program and your OSPs
    • Assess your VMO program and/or outsourced sites and analyze performance
    • Develop a detailed improvement plan to address any performance or process gaps within your VMO program or OSPs
    • Work side-by-side with your vendor management team to implement improvement plans
  • Ensure your sourcing strategy is designed to deliver a superior customer experience
    • Conduct a contract review and performance analysis
    • Develop an enterprise sourcing strategy
    • Design and manage the RFP process
    • Drive contract negotiation and vendor selection
    • Establish a governance model

Contact us today to learn more about best practices for sourcing and managing your third-party providers within your CX program.


“Through our sourcing strategy work with COPC Inc., we have achieved millions in cost savings, simplified our supplier network, and created a vendor management structure focused on performance.”

 –Anita Samojednik
Head of International Customer Service and Global Outsourcing

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Benefits of VMO Services

  • Better manage your vendors to meet your key performance indicators
  • Know you are paying fair market value for the level of service you are receiving
  • Ensure your vendors provide you necessary, accurate, and relevant reporting
  • Implement consistency among your outsourced contact centers, so all sites are providing a reliable customer experience

Saving Money
and Improving the Customer Experience

outsourced service providers Read this Groupon case study to learn how Groupon saved millions in costs, reduced risk, and provided a more consistent customer experience.

Groupon had more than 17 contact center suppliers across 20 sites, creating a management and cost issue, along with a lack of consistency in performance, metrics, processes, and technology. Through its work with COPC Inc., the company consolidated its outsourced customer service supplier base and implement a more structured approach for supplier management.