Outsourced Service Providers:
Helping You Better Serve Your Customers

Many companies turn to outsourced service providers (OSPs) to manage their call centers and other customer contact operations. We recognize  your challenges are different from those of in-house contact centers. You need to balance client demands and performance expectations, all while controlling costs. At the same time, there is constant pressure to keep existing clients and acquire new ones.


COPC Inc. understands—from both the client and vendor perspective—the specific needs of outsourced service providers and we can help you maximize performance. Your center operation also can become certified to the COPC Outsource Service Provider (OSP) Standard, which was developed specifically for your work environment. Our OSP certification and training programs are so highly regarded that many companies will only outsource their customer contact operations to providers who have been certified by COPC Inc.

Learn more about how our consulting, training, and certification solutions can improve your call center or other customer experience operations.