Now Available Online: COPC® Upskill Training

If you are a current COPC CSP Registered Coordinator, you are eligible to take COPC® Upskill Training to the COPC CX Standard, Release 6.0. This training is now available online. 

COPC Upskill Training gives you all the major updates to the COPC CX Standard about how to manage a high-performing, multichannel operation. Upon completion of training and with a passing score on the exam, you will become a Certified COPC Implementation Leader.

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If you would like COPC Inc. to provide Upskill training to a group of Registered Coordinators at your company, please contact your regional sales person to make these arrangements. 

Online Classes:
Get Comprehensive Training, Online Convenience

COPC® Management Training Series

COPC Inc. offers a series of online training classes for professionals who want to build their skills in the contact center industry. There are 12 classes provide best practices and benchmarks in a variety of topics for the contact center. They are available to you at any time. You can take just one, or take all 12 as part of our COPC Management Training Series. Upon completion of this series,  you may take an online exam to become a COPC Certified Professional Manager.

See below for a description of each class. To take any online course, you must first register as a user in our online training program. Go to the COPC Inc. online training center to take any of these courses.

COPC Inc. Online Training:

  1. An Introduction to the Contact Center Industry
  2. Inbound Phone Service Management and Metrics
  3. Cost, Efficiency, and Productivity Metrics and Management
  4. Deferred Transactions Management and Metrics
  5. Quality: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  6. Good Graphing Tips for Contact Center Professionals
  7. Workforce Management Introduction: Real-Time Management
  8. Workforce Management Introduction: Forecasting, Staffing, and Scheduling
  9. Customer Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction
  10. Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Skills, and Knowledge Verification
  11. How to Review Data and Reporting with CUIKA
  12. Measuring and Managing Absenteeism and Attrition


For more information about this online training, download the COPC® Management Training Series  brochure or contact us.