Full Certification:
Achieve the Highest Recognition
for Performance Improvement

Full certification to one of the COPC Standards gives your organization best practices, consistent processes, and performance metrics to achieve and sustain continuous performance improvement.

Through certification, your organization will gain a complete understanding of how to run the optimal customer contact operation and ensure that every component consistently meets or exceeds benchmarked performance objectives.

Call Center Certification

By certifying your call center or other customer contact operation, you will measure and improve all activities that support the customer experience.

Certification to a COPC Standard includes:

  • An independent and objective assessment of your current operations
  • Adoption and consistent implementation of best practices
  • Operational targets that meet the requirements of high-performing organizations
  • Corrective actions for poor operational performance and weak processes

To learn more about full certification to the COPC Family of Standards, or COPC Inc., contact COPC Inc.