COPC Standards:
A Performance Management Framework
for Operations that Support the Customer Experience

The COPC Standards provide a performance management system to improve operations that support the customer experience. Since 1996, COPC Inc. has developed and published the COPC Standards.

The most well-known Standard is the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, which covers all operational aspects of the customer journey. While the COPC CX Standard can still be used with call centers, it also can be applied to any channel, from a retail store to a web-based service or social media.

The newest Standard is the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard, a performance management system for procurement organizations to strategically manage their indirect spend. 

Access the new
COPC Indirect Procurement Standard here:

Indirect Procurement Standard »

Access Release 6.0
of the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standards here:

Customer Experience Standard »

Access Release 5.2 COPC Standards here:

 CSP Standard »  VMO Standard »
 OSP Standard »  HSP Standard »

The COPC Standards is the foundation of all our work. Learn more about our consulting, training and certification services.

I’ve deployed or evaluated major service standards while at Microsoft, Monster, and Acronis and nothing delivers high performance, organizational alignment and true world class service like the COPC Standards.”

—Ed Benack
Vice President