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An innovative AI-based platform that empowers organizations to excel using automated machine learning tools that learn the behaviors and actions of their highest performers and deliver them throughout their organization, driving increased engagement and performance. AmplifAI allows organizations to develop employees to their fullest potential such that they deliver best-in-class customer experiences and products to their customers.

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Requirements Met

COPC Inc. has found AmplifAI to be an effective Staff Monitoring, Coaching, and Performance Management platform. It supports compliance with the following best practices found in the COPC CX Standard, Release 7.0:

3.5.1.a – Recurrent monitoring of customer support specialist (CSS) performance for each transaction type handled
3.5.1.c – More frequent monitoring of new CSSs

3.5.2.a – Communication to a CSS of findings from all monitored transactions
3.5.2.b – Coaching of CSSs on at least a sample of the evaluations they passed
3.5.2.c – Coaching of CSSs on all monitored transactions that did not meet target, and the ability to monitor these CSSs more frequently
3.6.1.a – Regular review of CSS performance relative to objectives, and the identification of areas for improvement
3.6.1.b – Development and effective implementation of improvement plans for areas in which the CSS is not meeting objectives