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An expert in knowledge management with a feature-rich yet easy-to-use tool for customer service in all major industries. livepro focuses on delivering answers to agents, not long complex documents. This is made possible by powerful features and easy to follow process guidance. livepro requires next to no training and turns agents into experts. Staff confidence and customer satisfaction go up while AHT and training costs are cut down.

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Requirements Met

COPC Inc. has found livepro to be an effective Knowledge and Content Management tool. It supports compliance with the following best practices found in the COPC CX Standard, Release 7.0:

2.9.1.aManaging the consistency of content between channels

2.9.1.b – Identifying and prioritizing changes to content

2.9.1.cReviewing content for accuracy and usefulness at a frequency appropriate to the business

2.9.1.eUsers providing feedback for the continuous improvement of the accuracy and usefulness of content

2.9.1.f.i – Providing a method for updating content

2.9.1.gEnsuring only authorized staff are able to make revisions to content

2.9.1.hEnsuring obsolete content is not visible to CSSs or Customers but is retained