COPC® Best Practices for Quality Management

This course offers the know-how for building a trusted quality program that accurately reflects the customer experience while providing critical performance improvement insights.

Individual Training
For those who want to advance their skills or organizations that need training for a small group.
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Get the ROI you’ve sought from your quality assurance (QA) program by transforming it into a proven resource that drives significant improvements in all performance areas. COPC® Best Practices for Quality Management offers innovative methods that challenge the traditional way of thinking about QA in the contact center, making it an asset that the entire organization relies upon for valuable insights. 

Experts with decades of experience guide attendees through time-tested concepts of business-level improvement strategy, best practices in form design and reliable sampling methods. Attendees will also learn the precise metrics that provide the most accurate view of performance, the elements of an effective calibration program and a proactive approach to quality analysis and action planning. 

This two-day deep dive into QA management empowers participants with the practical skills to assess their QA program against global benchmarks and design key processes that deliver individual and process-level improvements. In short, attendees will transform their QA program from an activity to an asset. 

Attendees can achieve COPC certification by passing an exam to earn the designation of Certified Professional Manager in COPC® Best Practices for Quality Management. 

Participants will receive tools and templates to immediately leverage in their quality program improvement efforts. Tools and templates include: 

  • Sample Size Calculator 
  • Agent Level Sample Form 
  • Business Level Sample Form 
  • Quality Metrics Job Aid 
  • Precision Rate Over Time Template 
  • QA Sample Design Template 
  • Calibration Process Job Aid 
  • Reliable and Accurate Quality Results
  • Quality Results = Predictor of CSAT
  • Actionable Insights that Drive Real Change
  • Data that Pinpoints Process Improvement Opportunities
  • Focus on What Matters Most
  • Significant and Sustained Performance Improvements
  • Streamlined QA Processes for Greater ROI