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COPC® Best Practices for Quality Management

COPC® Best Practices for Quality Management will teach you the techniques used by industry leaders to ensure the quality program drives improvement in the customer experience and provides value to the wider business. This course is designed to provide you with practical skills and knowledge that can be used to benchmark your own business against world-class standards, while helping you design key quality processes that drive improvement at the individual frontline staff and process levels.

You will receive proven tools and templates that you can immediately leverage in your QA redesign efforts:

  • Sample Size Calculator
  • Agent Level Sample Form
  • Business Level Sample Form
  • Quality Metrics Job Aid
  • Precision Rate Over Time Template
  • QA Sample Design Template

What You Will Learn

  • How to design quality forms to maximize value across the entire organization
  • How to use statistics to determine sample size
  • The different sampling approaches used by industry leaders
  • The steps to ensure effective QA calibrations
  • The type and frequency of quality analysis
  • How to drive improvements at the program and individual levels
  • How to quantify the value of the quality function

Course Content

  • Quality Management in a Customer Experience (CX) Landscape
  • Form Design
  • Sampling (Size and Strategy)
  • Calibration
  • Analysis
  • Driving Improvement

It is strongly recommended that you bring a laptop preloaded with MS Excel and your performance data. Note: This is not required for training in North America.