COPC® Data Analysis for Contact Centers

Turn data into actionable insights and immediately apply these world-class techniques to enhance your contact center or customer experience (CX) operation.

Individual Training
For those who want to advance their skills or organizations that need training for a small group.
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The key to contact center and CX operations success is the ability to transform data into actionable insights that propel better, smarter decisions. With the abundance of data, the real challenge is distinguishing valuable insights from all the background noise. 

Join the ranks of the world’s most successful companies, learning the same techniques they use to enhance their contact centers and overall customer experience.  COPC® Data Analysis for Contact Centers offers practical, real-world data analytics skills to apply to your CX operations immediately. 

  • Enhanced Detection of Outliers in Performance and Integrity
  • Improved Data Comparison and Correlation Analysis
  • Effective Target Setting Using Data
  • Ability to Identify and Leverage Trends
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Efficiency Metrics
  • Insight into Variation and Its Implications