COPC® Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers – Green Belt Training

Bring a new level of efficiency and innovation to your contact center or customer experience (CX) operation. Gain advanced tools, tackle broad spectrum problems, and earn your Green Belt Practitioner title.

Individual Training
For those who want to advance their skills or organizations that need training for a small group.
Public Course Schedule

Master Lean Six Sigma with our Green Belt Training, specifically for contact center and CX professionals. Expand your skill set to address a wider range of challenges in the contact center environment with advanced Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts. 

Our dynamic training methodology combines insightful lectures, engaging discussions, and hands-on analysis projects. Each day, participants apply their learnings to a comprehensive case study, navigating through all phases of DMAIC to solve real-world contact center problems. 

Upon successfully completing this class and passing the examination, attendees earn the title of COPC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Practitioner. For those seeking to go further, achieve COPC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification by completing a project under COPC Inc.’s expert guidance. 

To maximize the learning experience, we recommend familiarity with Microsoft Excel, including functions, charts, graphs, and data tables. Additionally, prior completion of a foundational Lean Six Sigma course, especially our Yellow Belt Training, and practical experience in applying Lean Six Sigma tools in the workplace will set the stage for success. 

  • Enhanced DMAIC Effectiveness Through Lean Management
  • Improved Data Quality and Analysis
  • Advanced Problem Identification and Definition
  • In-depth Understanding of Variation and Regression Analysis
  • Development and Sustainment of Effective Solutions
  • Comprehensive Application of Lean Six Sigma Tools