COPC® Service Journey Thinking

Reduce customer effort, improve satisfaction and enhance loyalty by analyzing the cumulative effects of all service channels impacting the customer experience. This training provides the tools and know-how to generate substantial and lasting change quickly.

Service Journey Thinking
Individual Training
For those who want to advance their skills or organizations that need training for a small group.
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COPC® Service Journey Thinking offers a comprehensive approach to visualizing, designing and measuring the customer journey. With service blueprinting and better data usage, organizations can create a more personalized, streamlined customer experience (CX).

Participants learn how to blueprint customer interactions to diagnose the root cause of customer frustrations and higher business costs. The techniques from this course can be immediately applied to simplify processes and develop better policies and procedures.  

Courses are led by industry experts and include a combination of lectures, discussions and breakout sessions. Attendees have the opportunity to achieve COPC certification by passing an exam to earn the designation of Certified Professional Manager.  

  • Simplify Journey Complexity
  • Reduce Customer Effort
  • Optimize Channel Transitions and Efficiency
  • Improve Resolution Rate
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty