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COPC® Service Journey Thinking

COPC® Service Journey Thinking is designed for individuals looking for a proven approach to improving the customer experience. This training provides the tools and knowhow needed to generate substantial and lasting change. From blueprinting the journey to the linking of backstage (behind-the-scenes) activities with frontstage (customer visible) activities, participants will be equipped to have an immediate and positive impact on the service journey.

What You Will Learn

  • The benefits of service journeys via service blueprints—a comprehensive mapping approach for service journeys
  • Identify performance and process gaps by linking frontstage (customer visible) and backstage (out of sight) operational activities
  • Analyze root causes of customer dissatisfaction and reduce workload related to product or service failures
  • Apply strategies to reduce future contacts by resolving customer needs before they occur
  • Optimize channel transitions, drive consistency and improve resolution rates
  • Simplify transaction complexity and reduce customer effort and time-to-resolution
  • Identify key areas for performance improvement and develop appropriate recommendations

This course is ideal for CX Executives and Leaders; Customer Care and Service Executives; Heads of Contact Centers; Retail Operations or Dispatched Service Teams; Service Designers; Digital Channel, Self-Service and UX Designers.

This training is a combination of lectures, discussion, and hands-on analysis exercises with daily reviews. After successful completion of this class and passing an exam, you will become a COPC Certified Professional Manager.