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Oct 17 - Oct 21, 2022

COPC® Mastering Workforce Management (WFM)

COPC® Mastering Workforce Management (WFM) teaches tangible methods to accurately forecast labor requirements, improve staff performance, and reduce labor-related costs along with many other processes to optimize the service journey and customer experience of your customers.

This training will benefit any WFM Specialist (junior and senior) in customer experience and contact center organizations whose role involves forecasting workloads, capacity planning, creating schedules and rosters, or managing the KPI’s as part of real-time management. The global best practices, as well as the practical and theoretical skills included in this training are beneficial for individuals or teams in all organizations. Whether you work within highly complex, multiskilled frontline environments, or single skilled back office or social media teams, equip and empower yourself with these critical skills.





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