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Sep 19 - Sep 21, 2023

COPC® Mastering Workforce Management

COPC® Mastering Workforce Management (WFM) provides tangible methods to meet service level demands while reducing costs. Ensuring the correct number of staff with the appropriate skills are available at the right time is a delicate balance. Anyone directly involved with WFM needs specific skills and knowledge to meet internal and external demands.

This course provides attendees with best practices they can immediately apply in any customer experience operation, regardless of technology, size or complexity. Industry experts with practical, real-world experience lead attendees through proven techniques, examples and exercises to ensure mastery of the content. This unique training is like none other in the industry, benefiting WFM specialists and those peripherally involved with WFM. Attendees leave this training with the knowledge and skills to make immediate and sustained improvements in service level and costs.





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9 am - 5 pm Central European Time
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    Live Virtual
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