july 2020

wed15jul10:00 amCOPC Inc. Webinar
Quality Programs
With High ROI - Part I

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  • Your Quality Assurance (QA) program represents a sizeable investment, but are you truly getting the biggest bang for your buck? A successful QA program needs to do more than monitor transactions — it also needs to help your organization capitalize on the full potential of your CX data. Please join Consultant, Gena Speakmon and COPC NAM Director, Cyndy Edwards for a one-hour webinar as they discuss how QA can become a high-return, keystone process within your business.
    Wednesday, July 15, 2020
    10:00 AM (US Central Standard Time) 5:00 PM (Central European Time)
    Live Virtual Webinar via Zoom

  • While many companies have relegated their QA programs to transaction monitoring, high performing organizations have learned how to extract maximum value from their QA programs by pivoting to business-level monitoring.

  • In this webinar, COPC Inc. subject experts share practical approaches for transforming any QA program into a business intelligence powerhouse. While agent-level monitoring can be costly and low impact, business-level monitoring flips the script by costing very little, while generating big returns. Don’t miss your chance to take your QA program to the next level by tapping into a wealth of QA data, data that can help answer critical questions like, “What are our contact triggers?” “What drives CSAT/DSAT?” “How can we get better at next issue avoidance?” and “Where do gaps exist in our process?” Learn how to use business intelligence to pave the way to an improved experience, and greater customer loyalty.
    James Cammareri
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