Abandonment Rate

Abandonment rate in contact or call centers refers to the percentage of incoming customer calls or contacts abandoned by the customers before they can connect with an agent or complete their intended interaction. A call is considered abandoned when a customer disconnects or hangs up before speaking to an agent.

Strategies to reduce abandonment rates include improving interactive voice response (IVR) systems for better call routing, optimizing staffing levels, enhancing workforce management, providing accurate estimated wait times, and offering self-service options to divert traffic from live agent queues. Reducing abandonment rates improves customer service, efficiency, and a more positive customer experience.

The formula to calculate the abandonment rate is as follows:

Abandonment Rate = (Number of Abandoned Calls / Total Incoming Calls) x 100%

Key points regarding abandonment rate:

  • Measure of Customer Frustration: The Abandonment rate can be an indicator of customer frustration or dissatisfaction, mainly if it’s high. Customers may abandon calls due to long wait times, confusing IVR systems, or dissatisfaction with service levels.
  • Affects Customer Experience: High abandonment rates negatively impact the customer experience, potentially leading to customer churn and a damaged reputation for the contact center.
  • Impact on Service Levels: Abandoned calls affect service levels and can result in missed opportunities to address customer inquiries or resolve issues.
  • Operational Efficiency: Managing and optimizing the abandonment rate is crucial for the efficient operation of a contact center. It involves finding the right balance between minimizing wait times and effectively managing call volumes.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Abandonment rates often must align with SLAs agreed upon with clients or within the organization. Exceeding agreed-upon abandonment thresholds may lead to penalties or other consequences.

How COPC Can Help

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