Contact Center Performance Got You Down? We're here to help.

We get it, saying goodbye to your existing Contact Center might seem like a daunting task – but sometimes it is the best path forward. Download our simple checklist to see if now is the right time for you to make a change.

We have a proven track record helping our clients improve performance and reduce cost.


Annual cost savings

A Fortune 10 global manufacturer attained an annual cost savings of $50 million and increased customer satisfaction by more than 20%.



A well-known technology brand achieved nearly 30x ROI in cost savings in one year after implementing our strategic sourcing program.



A leading consumer electronics retailer realized $7 million in savings on $13 million in direct vendor costs over the course of eight months – a 54 percent reduction.

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So how do we achieve such seemingly outlandish results? It all starts with contract review.

As companies seek third-party suppliers to handle customer-facing contacts, the terms and conditions of contracts with suppliers become vital to the success of their customer experience (CX) program. COPC Inc. has extensive experience working with buyers of customer contact services to review and improve their contracts with suppliers.

A COPC Contract Review will answer all your questions about contract terms and best practices. Whether you are negotiating a new contract, renegotiating an existing contract
or are in the middle of a current contract, we will ensure you are getting the highest level of service for the appropriate price.

Is it time to breakup with your current BPO?
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The benefits of a well researched breakup.

Achieve KPIs

Better manage your outsourced service providers to meet your key performance indicators.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that you are paying fair market value for the level of service you are receiving.

Proper Alignment

Ensure your suppliers are incentivized to align their actions with your priorities and business objectives.

Don't worry, we won't leave you in the dust. We walk alongside you every step of the way. You'll be happier. We promise.


It all begins with an in-depth review of your existing contracts.

Requirements Analysis

We conduct a full analysis of completeness and appropriateness of requirements and their implications for your company.


We then run a comparison of pricing relative to prevailing market rates.

Performance Analysis

We then conduct a separate analysis on current performance metrics, levels and targets relative to our internal database of high-performing benchmarks.

Executive Report

We then package all of this research into a simple, easy-to-digest executive report.

Final Report + Estimated Savings

We then sit down with you to review the report in detail along with professional recommendations and potential range of estimated savings.

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COPC Inc. has worked with call centers and other customer experience (CX) operations since 1996 and knows what it takes to ensure your suppliers are delivering the service you expect at an appropriate price. We have developed a proven approach to strategic sourcing for buyers of call center and CX services.
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