DESCRIPTION: COPC's Measuring & Managing Absenteeism and Attrition can be taken as part of the COPC® Management Series Online Training and educates managers on defining absenteeism and attrition as well as how to understand their impact on customer service. Course is approximately 1.45 hours and does not include an exam.

Can be taken as part of the COPC® Management Series Online Training. Most companies do not understand the true cost of attrition and absenteeism and their impact on service, quality, customer satisfaction, and profits. This training defines absenteeism and attrition, and teaches you how to correctly measure and track performance.  You will learn the important concepts of ownership and how to take corrective action when required.  You will also learn how to identify the common causes of poor performance and best practices for reducing absenteeism and attrition to desired levels. Participants Will Learn:
  • How to properly define both absenteeism and attrition and understand their impact on service, quality, costs and customer satisfaction
  • How to properly calculate absenteeism using multiple analysis views
  • How to properly calculate attrition using multiple analysis views
  • Best practices for managing absenteeism and how to start your improvement efforts immediately
  • Benchmark targeting for absenteeism
  • Best practices for attrition management and how to set a target that makes sense
Class Logistics:
  • Online duration: approximately 1.75 hours
  • Three knowledge checkpoints
  • No exam

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