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COPC Inc. Announces Its Global Public Training Calendar

COPC Inc. Announces Its Global Public Training Calendar thumbnail Image

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Karen Colvin

March 11, 2017

Winter Park, Fla.—(March 10, 2017)— COPC Inc., a global consulting firm that helps companies improve operations to transform the customer experience, announces its management training calendar. A key part of COPC Inc.’s service offering is in-person training covering the strategic areas of managing the customer experience (CX) and multichannel operations. This year’s calendar features 74 public classes in 27 cities and 18 countries. Training is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. See all public class listings and registration.

COPC Inc. offers two classes for managing and improving the customer experienceCOPC® Best Practices for CX Operations and COPC® Customer Journey Mapping Certification.  The first class is a training program that encompasses all operations that affect the customer experience. This four-day program shows participants how to apply real-world benchmarks, implementation tips, and best practices based on the COPC CX Standard, a performance management system for CX operations. Training includes:

  • Fundamentals of measuring and managing the customer experience
  • Methodsfor gathering and analyzing customer feedback
  • Benchmarks for managing performance of both assisted and unassisted channels
  • Key processes for CX operations including workforce management, quality, and recruiting, hiring and training
  • Quality approach to drive improvement in the customer experience
  • Guidelines for data collection, reporting, and integrity

At the end of class, participants may take a half-day, in-person exam to become a Certified COPC Implementation Leader.  COPC Best Practices for CX Operations is available worldwide on a public schedule and also as a dedicated class at any client location.

COPC Customer Journey Mapping Certification is a two-and-a-half-day training and certification program that teaches participants how to understand their customer’s end-to-end experience with their company. This hands-on training provides the knowledge and tools needed for participants to lead a customer journey mapping initiative at their own company.

At the end of class, participants may take an exam to become certified in customer journey mapping. This certification program is available publicly in the United States and at any client location worldwide. Due to high demand, COPC Inc. anticipates expanding the public schedule of this certification program to additional locations worldwide.

“Our CX best practices class teaches proven approaches and metrics for running a high performing CX operation. Our customer journey mapping class offers methods for understanding how customers interact with their brand. Used together, our clients learn how improve specific operational activities that will have the greatest impact on the customer experience,” said Kathleen Jezierski, chief operating officer, COPC Inc.

For call centers and other CX operations, COPC Inc. recommends COPC Best Practices for CX Operations along with additional classes covering specific areas, such as COPC® Data Analysis for Contact Centers, COPC® Best Practices for Quality and Customer Satisfaction Management, COPC® Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers, and COPC® High Performance Management Techniques. These classes help leaders to improve performance in areas such as quality, customer satisfaction, data analytics, and applying Six Sigma continuous improvement methods. All four classes are available on a public schedule in Asia and at any client location worldwide.

“Our management training programs for multichannel operations are intensively focused on improving any customer contact channel, including social media, mobile, and even face-to-face. We also have a series of online classes that aligns with our public schedule, giving operational and CX leaders a full array of training options to meet their management needs,” said Jezierski.

For sourcing professionals, the company offers COPC® Registered Coordinator Training for Vendor Management Organizations (VMOs), a specialized class that provides a structured framework for purchasing and managing outsourced call centers and other CX services. Public classes are available in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Singapore.  VMO training is also available at any client location worldwide.

For more information about any of these current classes or to request training, go to or contact the COPC Inc. sales team.



About COPC Inc.

COPC Inc. is an innovative global leader that empowers organizations to manage complex customer journeys.  The company created the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard and provides consulting, training and certification for operations that support the customer experience. Founded in 1996, COPC Inc. began by helping call centers improve their performance.  Today, the company works with leading brands worldwide to optimize key customer touchpoints and deliver a seamless experience across channels. COPC Inc. is privately held with headquarters in Winter Park, FL, U.S. and has operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, India and Japan. To learn more about COPC Inc., visit