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COPC Inc. Launches Global Customer Journey Mapping Consulting and Training Services

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Karen Colvin

October 20, 2016

Winter Park, FLORIDA—October 20, 2016—COPC Inc., a global consulting firm that helps companies improve operations to transform the customer experience, announces the availability of its global customer journey mapping consulting services and training program. A customer journey map illustrates the path of a customer’s experience with a company’s product or service from discovery to purchase. Companies use this information to know where and how to improve this experience to create lasting customer relationships and build brand loyalty.

COPC Inc. engages with clients to document and analyze their customer journey segments, process gaps, and opportunities. The COPC Inc. team observes key touchpoints in the customer’s journey through individual channels and across multiple channels. This includes the discovery phase, the purchase process—both online and in-store—and fulfillment, post-sale, and returns. The company utilizes these data-driven methods to build insightful customer journey maps.

“Our customer journey mapping program gives our clients an independent, unbiased view of their customer’s experience. We often find that companies operate in silos. We look at the experience through the customer’s eyes and explore the journey across these silos to uncover gaps in how well they interact. Our goal is to determine cost-effective change, based on industry best practices and our client’s brand promise, to deliver the customer experience they aspire to deliver,” said Kathleen Jezierski, chief operating officer, COPC Inc.

In conjunction with the launch of customer journey mapping consulting, the company will offer COPC® Customer Journey Mapping Certification, a 2.5 day training and certification program. This program is available now as a private, client-site session.  The first public training session will be held in Dallas, TX, January 30 – Feb 1, 2017. Additional public classes are planned for 2017 in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

In this course, participants will learn the key steps required to lead their own mapping project. They will be taught how to execute the COPC Customer Journey Mapping methodology and how to use COPC Inc.’s exclusive tools and techniques. Participants also will learn key steps required to gain organization buy-in to build a meaningful customer journey map. At the end of the course and upon successful completion of the exam, participants will be certified in COPC Customer Journey Mapping.

“While some of our clients want to rely on our expertise to lead their mapping projects, others prefer to be trained and certified in our mapping methodology. We are confident once someone becomes certified, they will have both the tools and knowledge to successfully plan and develop their own mapping project. More importantly, they will know how to use that map to implement change within their organization to improve the customer experience,” said Jezierski.

COPC Inc.’s customer journey mapping service offering is one component of its customer experience consulting program.  The company advises clients to create, review or operationalize their customer experience management program.  Leveraging its 20-year history of improving call center operations, COPC Inc. provides guidance regarding customer experience strategy development, operational effectiveness with individual channels, performance across channels, measurement methods, and omnichannel integration.  COPC Inc. also has published the COPC Customer Experience Standard, Release 6.0., documenting operational best practices for the entire customer journey.

For more information about customer journey mapping consulting or training, contact the COPC Inc. sales team.



About COPC Inc.

COPC Inc. is an innovative global leader that empowers organizations to manage complex customer journeys. The company created the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard and provides consulting, training and certification for operations that support the customer experience. Founded in 1996, COPC Inc. began by helping call centers increase their performance. Today, the company works with leading brands worldwide to optimize key customer touchpoints and deliver a seamless experience across channels. COPC Inc. is privately held with headquarters in Winter Park, Florida, U.S. and has operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, India and Japan. To learn more, visit