COPC Inc. is a global leader in customer experience, backed by more than two decades of proven results. Whether it’s leading-edge industry insights or individual client studies, insightful CX research is a foundation for our work.
Our monthly Global Benchmarking Series tackles the tough questions with answers from our global research. COPC Inc. research is designed to help you make better decisions, to understand where your peers stand on these issues and to provide actionable insights for you to transform your CX operations.

2022 Global Benchmarking Series

  • Global Benchmarking Series 2022

    COPC Inc.'s Global Benchmarking Series is a 12-month education program designed for executives and managers in the customer contact industry. Each month, we deliver an informative and data-rich report followed by an interactive expert-led webinar providing information and insights which will make a meaningful difference to those organizations involved in the series. Register to receive these reports and notifications for webinars. The reports and the webinars provide practical advice and data-driven research and will become vital components of the contact center executive’s management toolkit.

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2020 CXMB Research

  • CXMB 2020 Corporate Edition

    The year 2020 was one like no other for both consumers and organizations. The focus of this year’s corporate research has been to understand how businesses have responded to the unexpected challenges posed by the pandemic and how it has affected their operations and customers. We have explored the impact of COVID-19 on strategic initiatives, adoption of WFH strategies, channel management, employee-engagement efforts, and overall impact to CX.

  • CXMB 2020 Consumer Edition

    The 2020 Consumer Edition is aptly titled, A Year Like No Other, presenting insights into the impact of COVID-19, shifts in channel/solution use, the forced transition to work-at-home, improvements in self-service technology, and the overall effect on service journeys. This report is based on surveys from more than 5,000 consumers in the U.S.

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2019 CXMB Research

  • CXMB 2019 Corporate Edition

    This year’s Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series Corporate Edition report, CX Corporate Insights: Understanding Corporate Strategies and Best Practices, is based on the survey participation of nearly 70 brands, including the likes of Groupon, Nintendo, FedEx and Crate & Barrel. Like past volumes, this year’s report explores the priorities, initiatives and operational structures of some of the world’s top brands, adding to a robust and insightful historical dataset.

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  • CXMB 2019 Consumer Edition

    This year’s Consumer Edition, CX Customer Journey Insights: Understanding Consumer Experiences and Opinions, is based on extensive surveying of more than 30,000 consumers in the United States and covers a broad range of customer experience-related topics. While this year’s report continues to expand on many preexisting data points, this year’s report features several new questions on topics such as dissatisfiers and contact avoidance. This year’s report also includes a new solution in Chatbot, which is classified as an Interactive Care solution for the purposes of this research.

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2018 CXMB Research

  • CXMB 2018 Corporate Edition

    The 2018 Corporate Edition report takes a deep dive into artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-powered solutions for the contact center with an entirely new section featuring eight new survey questions. In addition to the new AI section, there are also many new questions in other areas, including company culture, staffing and customer ease, as well as an expanded dataset for existing questions, helping to clarify trends and reveal industry shifts.

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  • CXMB 2018 Consumer Edition

    The 2018 Consumer Edition covers the current state of the customer experience and includes a new section on unassisted channels, such as chatbots and other solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

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  • CXMB 2018 Industry Insights: Financial Services

    Published in May 2018, this report covers consumer preferences in the U.S. and Canada specific to the financial services industry.

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2017 CXMB Research

  • CXMB 2017 Corporate Edition

    In this year's Corporate edition of the CXMB Series, new questions have been formulated around channel strategy, program priorities and quality assurance programs. In addition, the report also includes a cross-comparison between Corporate and Consumer Edition results to help brands better understand the consumer by validating assumptions and identifying misconceptions.

    Executive Summary Corporate Report
  • CXMB 2017 Consumer Edition

    In the Consumer edition of the CXMB series, customer effort is a new area of exploration. Results reveal channel- and solution-specific insights, as well as consumer opinions about how much effort is required to navigate the customer care journey.

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  • CXMB 2017 Industry Insights: Retail Survey

    The 2017 Retail survey from CXMB Industry Insights demonstrates the financial impact if retailers don't fulfill their brand promise at every touchpoint in the buying journey.

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2016 CXMB Research

  • CXMB 2016 Consumer Edition

    The 2016 Consumer Edition emphasizes the customer journey more than ever, and has two new sections: The Millennial Consumer and the Alternative Channel Customer Journey. These break down the customer experience by demographics and by channel.

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  • CXMB 2016 Corporate Edition

    The 2016 CXMB Series explored several new areas, including omnichannel migration, channel consistency, the multichannel experience, and the alternative channel journey. The Corporate Edition expands on ideas explored in the Consumer Edition.

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  • CXMB 2016 Industry Insights: Travel & Hospitality Survey

    CXMB Industry Insights is a series of industry-specific reports about the customer experience; this survey was designed specifically for the travel & hospitality industry.

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2015 CXMB Research

  • CXMB 2015 Consumer Edition

    The 2015 Consumer Edition surveyed more than 36,000 U.S. consumers, and analyzes the multi-channel journey, negative customer care experiences, and issue resolution rates.

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  • CXMB 2015 Corporate Edition

    The 2015 Corporate Edition tracks trends over the last four years to provide context for understanding current developments. These findings are framed by channel of care.

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COPC Inc. Research

  • 2020 Virtual Classroom Training for WAH Staff

    Understand how virtual classrooms are shaping the training landscape in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, based on survey data from early May 2020.

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  • 2020 COVID-19 Impact Report

    This report is a snapshot of the impact of COVID-19 on contact center operations, based on survey data from early- to mid-May 2020.

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  • 2020 COVID-19 & WAH Report

    The goal of this report is to share global insight around Work-At-Home (WAH) practices and the early impact of COVID-19 on customer experience operations, based on survey data from April 2020.

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  • 2016 Indirect Procurement Survey

    This survey evaluates key components of the indirect procurement lifecycle and highlights best practices across multiple industries.

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