CXMB 2017

  • CXMB 2017 Consumer Edition

    In this tenth installment of the CXMB series, customer effort is a new area of exploration. Results reveal channel- and solution-specific insights, as well as consumer opinions about how much effort is required to navigate the customer care journey.

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CXMB 2016

  • 2016 Consumer Edition

    The 2016 Consumer Edition emphasizes the customer journey more than ever, and has two new sections: The Millennial Consumer and the Alternative Channel Customer Journey. These break down the customer experience by demographics and by channel.

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  • 2016 Corporate Edition

    The 2016 CXMB Series explored several new areas, including omnichannel migration, channel consistency, the multichannel experience, and the alternative channel journey. The Corporate Edition expands on ideas explored in the Consumer Edition.

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CXMB 2015

  • 2015 Consumer Edition

    The 2015 Consumer Edition surveyed more than 36,000 U.S. consumers, and analyzes the multi-channel journey, negative customer care experiences, and issue resolution rates.

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  • 2015 Corporate Edition

    The 2015 Corporate Edition tracks trends over the last four years to provide context for understanding current developments. These findings are framed by channel of care.

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CXMB Vertical Markets

  • CXMB Industry Insights: 2017 Retail Survey

    The 2017 Retail survey from CXMB Industry Insights demonstrates the financial impact if retailers don't fulfill their brand promise at every touchpoint in the buying journey.

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  • CXMB Industry Insights: 2016 Travel & Hospitality Survey

    CXMB Industry Insights is a series of industry-specific reports about the customer experience; this survey was designed specifically for the travel & hospitality industry.

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Other Research

  • Indirect Procurement Survey

    This survey evaluates key components of the indirect procurement lifecycle and highlights best practices across multiple industries.

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