DESCRIPTION:COPC® Best Practices for Customer Experience (CX) Operations is a rigorous, in-depth program about how to deliver a world-class customer experience operation. This training will help you manage and improve any customer experience program, increasing both customer satisfaction and bottom line growth. You will learn how to apply best practices and guidelines found in the COPC CX Standard, a performance management system for customer experience operations.




What You Will Learn

  • How to apply real-world benchmarks, implementation tips and best practices from the COPC CX Standard for achieving high performance
  • Fundamentals of measuring the customer experience, including key metrics to accurately measure CX for one channel or multiple channels, customer satisfaction benchmarks, and how to prioritize actions
  • Methods for gathering and analyzing customer feedback through a structured approach
  • Understanding key drivers of the customer experience and leveraging the customer care function as a listening post
  • A proven quality approach to drive CX improvement by ensuring quality is aligned with key drivers of customer satisfaction
  • Guidelines for data collection, reporting, and data integrity
  • Forecasting, staffing, scheduling and real-time management approaches
  • Corrective actions and continuous improvement to achieve high performance, including a structured problem-solving approach
This class is ideal for organizations servicing customers through a single channel such as a call center, or for those working across multiple channels, including web, social media or mobile. This training includes lecture, discussion, case studies, and projects with daily review. A half-day exam is available on the last day of training for participants who want to become certified.