COPC Inc. has been providing call center and contact center best practices for 25 years. Our best practices are based on the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard. We help companies improve their CX through consulting, training, research and certification. COPC Inc. can help you implement best practices in your organization’s contact center.

In 1996, the founders of COPC Inc. and other call center industry leaders saw a need for structured processes and measurements. This led them to create the COPC CX Standard to ensure call centers could deliver high-performance operations.

Initially, the Standard was a comprehensive performance management system for call centers. Our Standard now encompasses all CX operations and channels. Since its creation, thousands of companies worldwide have relied on the COPC CX Standard to improve their performance.

Over the years, the Standard has continued evolving to address our dynamic industry’s changing needs. This includes the application of AI-based solutions and the increase in digital support channels.

Training Courses

COPC Inc. offers an extensive global training portfolio. Our curriculum focuses on contact center and CX management best practices, data analytics and Lean Six Sigma principles. They are available online, in-person and live virtually in five languages. Our facilitators and trainers are consultants that have an average of 20 years of practical experience running CX and contact center operations.

We will give you the tools and knowledge to improve service, quality, revenue, CX and profitability in your contact center.

COPC badge for best practices for customer experience

COPC® Best Practices for Customer Experience Operations

This flagship COPC Inc. certification course has been attended by thousands of leaders worldwide. This in-depth course focuses on call center best practices from the COPC CX Standard.

We’ll provide you with best-practice knowledge across Leadership and Planning, Processes, People, and Performance to help your call center operation meet or exceed high-performance goals. You’ll learn how implementing these best practices will improve customer service and quality and lower costs.

This course is designed for Customer Experience Directors and Managers, Site Leaders, Operations Managers, Quality Managers, Implementation and Change Managers, Service Desk Managers and anyone looking to run a successful contact center.

COPC best practices for vendor management organizations badge

COPC® Best Practices for Vendor Management Organizations

This certification course is focused on the COPC CX Standard for Vendor Management Organizations (VMOs) and leverages our extensive industry experience. You’ll learn the techniques and best practices to successfully and effectively source, measure and manage service providers while optimizing costs. This course will help improve vendor management performance and provide a more consistent customer experience.

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COPC® Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers – Yellow Belt Training

New to Lean Six Sigma? Our foundational course is specifically designed for contact centers. You’ll learn how to use Six Sigma tools to improve service, quality and revenue while reducing costs within your CX operations. This course emphasizes the “D, M and A” of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) phases. Get ready to unlock new skillsets for achieving sustainable improvements in your contact center!

COPC Six Sigma Green belt badge

COPC® Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers – Green Belt Training

Ready to take your Lean Six Sigma teachings to the next level? Our Green Belt course will provide you with new tools and concepts to address a broader range of contact center challenges. In this class, you’ll gain experience applying your knowledge via a comprehensive in-class case study. You’ll also work through all phases of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) on a real contact center-based problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are contact center best practices?

Best practices for contact centers are proven strategies, techniques, procedures and processes implemented and tested over time in contact centers worldwide. These practices are “best-in-class” because they yield superior results and performance compared to other methods.

Who decides what contact center best practices are?

Organizations create best practices based on guidance from contact center industry standards and frameworks, like the COPC CX Standard. In 1996, the founders of COPC Inc. and other call center industry leaders saw a need for structured processes and measurements to ensure operations delivered consistently high performance. Over the past 25 years, COPC Inc. has set the standard for contact center best practices by providing guidance and consulting to contact centers worldwide. 

Why do contact center best practices matter?

Best practices provide a consistent set of guidance, advice and processes. Implementing them allows you to best run a contact center across multiple sites and internationally. COPC Inc.’s best practices can be readily adopted in your contact center to help reduce costs, improve your CX and increase agent engagement. Our best practices, found in the COPC CX Standard, are the backbone of creating a consistent, successful contact center. 

What is an example of a contact center best practice?

An example of a contact best practice from the COPC CX Standard is to use fact-based analysis and profiles of successful and unsuccessful previous hires. Looking back and analyzing application information, training scores, quality monitoring scores, absenteeism, productivity and attrition data will enable better hiring processes in the future.

For the past 25 years, COPC Inc. has helped organizations implement best practices in their contact centers worldwide. We have helped companies achieve success in their CX operations through consulting, training, research and certification.

Ready to learn more about our call center and contact center best practices? Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs.

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Microsoft has achieved certification to both the CSP and VMO Standards. Combined with our Outsourcing Management System, we have driven global consistency in managing metrics and implementing best practices, resulting in increased performance levels within Microsoft and with our suppliers.”

— Mike Simms,
General Manager,
Chief Outsourcing Officer,

Typical Performance Issues in Call Center Operations
  • We need to improve the customer experience to increase customer satisfaction and sales
  • We need to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • We need to improve our performance on a specific metric or key process such as workforce management, quality, or recruiting/hiring/training
  • Our budget is shrinking but we still need to improve our revenue or another key metric
  • We do not know how our call center compares to benchmark guidelines
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