COPC Inc. call center training offers you and your management staff the necessary knowledge and tools to perform at their best. Our training programs will improve your call center efficiency, boost revenue, and client satisfaction.  A well trained team creates a common language, elevates skills, and ultimately leads to improved performance. We have three delivery methods for training: in-person, on-site private, and online.

Call Center Training Features:
  • Tight integration with our consulting services and certification program
  • Thorough course offerings available online, in person or virtual
  • Comprehensive information covering all aspects of operations that support the customer experience
  • Industry expert instructors who offer real-world examples of operational issues and solutions

In-Person Classes

COPC Inc. holds call center training classes in 14 countries and in five languages. Our most well-known class is COPC® Best Practices for CX Operations. This training will help you manage and improve any customer experience program, increasing both customer satisfaction and bottom line growth. You will learn how to apply best practices and guidelines found in the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, a performance management system for customer experience operations. Once you have completed training, you can earn the designation of Certified COPC Customer Experience Implementation Leader.

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On-Site, Private Training

We provide on-site call center training customized specifically to the needs of your operation. In addition to best practices for customer experience operations, you can also learn about lean Six Sigma for call centers, high performance management, data analytics, workforce management, best practices for quality management and vendor management.

All of our trainers are experienced professionals who also provide consulting services and have real world knowledge of current call center needs, issues and trends. Our sessions are interactive, collaborative and specific to your immediate needs.

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Online Training

In addition to our call center training courses, we have an online series of self-paced training modules, perfect for call center professionals interested in building their management skills. Upon completion of this COPC Contact Center Management Series, you may take an online exam to become a Certified COPC Professional Manager.

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Microsoft has achieved certification to both the CSP and VMO Standards. Combined with our Outsourcing Management System, we have driven global consistency in managing metrics and implementing best practices, resulting in increased performance levels within Microsoft and with our suppliers.”

— Mike Simms,
General Manager,
Chief Outsourcing Officer,

Benefits of COPC Inc. Training:
  • On-site training is based on your specific data and customized to address your current issues
  • In-person classes are collaborative, engaging and feature interactive case studies and discussion
  • All training provides techniques that can be immediately applied in your customer experience operation