Call Center

Call Center Training

COPC Inc. call center training offers you and your management staff the necessary knowledge and tools to perform at their best. Our training programs will improve your call center efficiency, boost revenue, and client satisfaction. A well trained team creates a common language, elevates skills, and ultimately leads to improved performance. We have three delivery methods for training: in-person, on-site private, and online.

Benefits of working with COPC Inc.

Our consulting clients are major brands in travel, financial services, telecom and technology. Our goal is to help your call center operation achieve sustained improvement in service and quality. By working with COPC Inc., you will achieve a significant return on investment.

Call Center Training Features

Closed Loop Integration

Tight integration with our consulting services and certification program.

Course Offerings

Thorough course offerings available online, in-person, or virtual.

Comprehensive Information

Comprehensive information covering all aspects of operations that support the customer experience.

Expert Instructors

Industry expert instructors who offer real-world examples of operational issues and solutions.