The most prestigious recognition in the industry, COPC Inc. certification validates that your organization is using best practices and consistent processes to sustain the highest levels of operational performance. The certification process is an independent and objective assessment of operational performance in your call center, CX operation, or vendor management organization (VMO).

Certification is based on the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, a performance management system for operational excellence. The COPC CX Standard is available in three versions, providing performance metrics and key processes specific to your operation to drive continuous improvement.

 Which COPC CX Standard is right for your organization?

The COPC Certification Process

Baseline Assessment:  A COPC Inc. team assesses your operation relative to the requirements of the COPC CX Standard and compared to high performing organizations.  This review is conducted through on-site interviews and observations along with extensive data analysis. The goal is to uncover gaps in performance and identify improvement opportunities that will provide the greatest return on investment.

Support and Training: From the baseline assessment, you are given detailed reports and supporting analysis of operational issues to be addressed during the “Structured Support” phase of the certification process. A structured agenda and schedule are established and a dedicated COPC Inc. resource is available to provide guidance to you during this time. Support is available remotely or on-site if needed. Management training is an integral part of our work and is offered during the structured support process.

Certification Audit: Once you have closed the gaps and accomplished your process improvements, your organization is ready to go through the COPC Inc. certification audit. COPC Inc. auditors come on site to assess your operation compared to the requirements of the COPC CX Standard and determine that your operational performance not only is “compliant” but also is consistent and effective. This process typically takes 4 to 5 days and includes a detailed readout.

Companies that achieve certification increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and reduce their operational costs.

Improving Performance Through Certification

Sunshine Insurance is one of China’s top 500 companies and one of Asia’s largest insurance companies. In a highly competitive industry, the company embarked on certification to the COPC CSP Standard to solidify a foundation for growth. In just one year, the company achieved a 4X ROI in cost savings.

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