Stand Out from the Crowd with COPC Certification

Certification to the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard provides recognition and validation of your company’s outstanding operational performance in providing an exceptional customer experience. COPC-certified companies are innovative leaders in their respective industries and are committed to operational excellence.

Achieving certification shows your customers and stakeholders that your organization is dedicated to being the best in managing the customer experience. COPC certification gives you:

  • Recognition by a trusted and respected source, increasing awareness of your brand and driving customer loyalty
  • A way to prove your commitment to providing a consistent and superior customer experience
  • Confidence that your customers will receive the highest levels of service, regardless of how or where they interact with you

Companies that certify their operations to the COPC CX Standard not only receive prestigious recognition but are rewarded with higher customer satisfaction, lower cost operations, and improved revenue.

What is COPC Certification?

Certification by COPC Inc. is an evaluation and improvement process based on the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, the most widely used and highly recognized performance management system for customer experience operations. Certification by COPC Inc. validates your organization is using consistent processes and best practices specific to leadership and planning, processes, people, and performance.

Which COPC certification is best for your needs? 

If you outsource any of your customer experience operations:

Have confidence that your customers are getting the highest levels of service across your supplier network by requesting they be certified to the COPC CX Standard, OSP Version.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Know your customers are receiving the best service, regardless of how or where they contact you
  • Prove to customers and stakeholders your commitment to delivering a consistent and superior experience
  • Better manage your suppliers with the right metrics and processes
If you manage internal customer experience operations:

Provide the best performance balancing customer satisfaction, revenue, service, quality, and costs by certifying your organization to the COPC CX Standard, CSP version.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Be recognized for your high performance by a trusted, credible source
  • Achieve validation that your organization is committed to being the best
  • Increase sales, profits, customer satisfaction and loyalty
If you lead a vendor management organization:

Better manage your CX vendors to meet key performance indicators and know you are paying fair market value for the provided service level. Certify your organization to the COPC CX Standard, VMO version.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Gives you sourcing processes to effectively select, onboard and manage providers of CX services, leading to improved profitability
  • Offers structure to coordinate processes and bring uniformity across channels and providers
  • Provides metrics and high-performing targets to ensure providers are meeting or exceeding expectations
If you are a third-party supplier
that provides CX services:

Set yourself apart from your competitors by certifying your organization to the COPC CX Standard, OSP version.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Gives you a competitive advantage and helps you stand out from the crowd of CX suppliers
  • Validates you are running an effective CX operation
  • Gives you the opportunity to exceed client expectations, leading to stronger client relationships and secured revenue stream
Process Certification

In addition to full certification to the COPC CX Standard, you also have the option for process certification, which focuses on improving a particular area or issue with your call center or CX operation.  Process certification is especially useful for organizations with multiple sites to implement a consistent use of best practices for a specific process.

Process certification is available for customer satisfaction; quality; workforce management, recruiting/hiring/training; KPI development; and VMO assessment, design and implementation.

Attaining COPC certification

is considered the most prestigious level of high performance

in customer experience management.

Since 1996, more than 500 companies in 56 countries

have earned certification to the COPC Standard.  

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