Certification by COPC Inc. is an independent and objective assessment of your operation performance for call centers, customer experience operations, vendor management organizations, or indirect procurement. Certification by COPC Inc. gives your organization best practices, consistent processes, and performance metrics to achieve and sustain continuous performance improvement.

The certification process is based on the COPC Standard appropriate to your organization. COPC Inc. offers five Standards that provide performance metrics specific to your operation to drive continuous improvement.  Companies that achieve certification increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and reduce their operational costs.

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The CX Certification Process
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Improving Performance Through Certification

Sunshine Insurance is one of China’s top 500 companies and one of Asia’s largest insurance companies. In a highly competitive industry, the company embarked on certification to the COPC CSP Standard to solidify a foundation for growth. In just one year, the company achieved a 4X ROI in cost savings.

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Certification Examines Four Areas: