You have to measure your customer experience operations in order to improve it. While most companies have some form of customer satisfaction or CX metrics in place, many come to us with questions such as:

  • Are we measuring the right CX metrics?
  • What questions should we be asking our customers?
  • How do we measure the entire CX?
  • We have customer satisfaction data, but what do we do with it?
  • What methodologies and sample sizes should we be using?

Regardless of the CX metrics you are currently measuring, COPC Inc. will assess your current measurement program and help you implement one that will provide you with metrics that give you an accurate view of performance and actionable data that will ultimately lead to sustained improvements in the customer experience. This includes not just CX specific metrics, but also operational metrics that impact the customer experience.

Reviewing, Designing and Implementing your CX Measurement Program

Most of our CX metrics consulting engagements begin with an assessment of your current program. From there, we can design or redesign your program, and follow that with implementation assistance.  Below are the areas we can review and work with you to refine or implement:

  • Key driver analysis
    The most effective and accurate way to know exactly what impacts the customer experience is through a key driver analysis. We can guide you in this effort or partner with you to conduct it.
  • Who to survey
    We will work with your team to evaluate who you are surveying and when to ensure you have a complete view of the customer experience.
  • Commonly used metrics and appropriate use
    From measuring customer satisfaction at the transaction level, to measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer effort, there are multiple metrics an organization can use, and typically not just one is appropriate. We will help you identify and implement the most appropriate ones for you to give you an accurate picture of your customer’s experience.
  • Survey questions
    The value of the data you get from your CX measurement program is dependent on the questions you ask your customer. We will assess your current survey questions to determine any changes that need to be made.
  • Linking operational metrics to the customer experience
    Effective operations is the key to a superior customer experience. So it is critical to measure the right operational metrics and understand how they impact the customer experience. We will help you implement the appropriate operational metrics and ensure your team understands the levers you can pull in those areas to improve the customer experience.
  • Linking CX metrics to loyalty
    Just as operations is key to a superior customer experience, loyalty is a direct result of the customer experience. We will work with your team to understand how to link your CX metrics to your customer’s loyalty.
  • Operationalizing data from multiple sources
    We help you understand how to effectively aggregate and action all of your CX data, so you can make changes that will have a direct impact on the customer experience.
  • Aligning CX metrics to quality monitoring measures
    Quality results should be a predictor of customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, CX and quality programs must be aligned. We will help you design and implement both so you can take a more proactive approach to managing the customer experience through quality.
  • Sample sizes and measurement methods
    We often find that organizations actually over sample, and also create ‘survey fatigue’ with their customers. We will advise you as to appropriate sample sizes and the different survey methodologies and when they should be used.

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