To improve the customer experience, you first have to understand your customer’s end-to-end journey with your company. Our customer journey mapping consulting and training show how to get into the hearts, minds and emotions of your customers. We can show you how to deconstruct the entire journey from your customer’s point of view. Once you understand their current journey, you can provide the experience your customer expects.

What is Customer Journey Mapping? 
  • Gives an illustrated view of the customer experience as the customer interacts with your organization
  • Documents the impact of customer interactions and operational processes on the customer experience
  • Identifies strengths and opportunities impacting the customer experience

Major Retailer Improves Customer Experience
with Customer Journey Mapping

customer journey mappingA major in-store and online retailer engaged COPC Inc. to conduct an extensive review of the customer journey throughout the buying process. The goal was to confirm that the experience aligned with their customer service philosophy. Based on the findings of the project project, a comprehensive improvement plan was developed and is currently being implemented. Initial results already show performance improvement in customer satisfaction and the customer experience.

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Customer Journey Mapping Gives You:
  • A holistic view across customer touchpoints to identify inconsistencies in the customer experience, potential breakdowns in service, and shifts in your organization’s ability to deliver on customer expectations
  • A way to prioritize performance improvement opportunities
  • A communications tool to socialize and improve the customer journey with other parts of the organization to quickly understand, validate, and identify opportunities collaborate to improve the customer experience

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Learn how to run your own customer journey mapping program. We offer a two-day training program COPC® Customer Journey Mapping Certification.

This intensive, in-person training workshop is designed to give you all the tools you need to start a mapping project at your own organization.