To create loyal and connected customers to your brand, COPC Inc. provides CX performance improvement consulting to transform the customer experience. We focus on your CX operations to deliver an exceptional experience and improve your bottom line.  No matter where you are in developing your CX operations, we can help you create, implement or improve your entire program, or focus on issues within one particular channel.

Our goal is to turn your customers into your biggest fans.

We believe effective operations is the key to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Working together, we will transform your CX operations to deliver just that—and improve your bottom line.

For more than 20 years we have advised healthcare, telecom, automotive, financial services, travel, retail and technology companies about how to successfully manage operations that support the customer experience.  Using our proven, data-driven approach, we quickly identify pain points and develop an action plan to solve operational issues.

Our CX Performance Improvement Services:
  • Operationalize your customer experience management strategy
  • Reveal gaps in your omnichannel integration and effectiveness
  • Provide an improvement plan and roadmap for addressing operational issues impacting the customer experience
  • Implement your improvement plans, measurement methods or omnichannel integration efforts
  • Transfer knowledge to your CX team for sustained operational improvement
Review. Improve. Results.

Our one goal is to improve the performance of your customer experience operations and turn your customers into advocates. Our team of experienced consultants will quickly assess your CX operation and develop an action plan to close the gaps. We then will work side-by-side with you to implement solutions that will continue to provide continuous improvement for years to come.

How We Work Together

If you know your operational issues but don’t know how to fix them, we can help. We come to you confident about what works to quickly and effectively bring change.  We roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to make transformational changes in your CX operations that will deliver the greatest return on investment.

In reviewing your entire CX operation, we assess critical components of your CX program. We provide analysis and improvement recommendations for your overall strategy, operational effectiveness, performance across channels, measurement methods, and effective omnichannel integration.

If you know something is wrong but don’t know where to start, we can conduct a COPC® CX Review, a quick but comprehensive assessment to uncover root causes of your performance challenges.  Specific to your needs, our review could cover your entire CX operation.  Or it could focus on an operational process such as quality, workforce management, recruiting/hiring/training or vendor management.

Either way, together we will develop and implement an improvement plan, train your staff, and validate your results.

Ready to get started?  Contact us to discuss your CX performance improvement needs.